Monday, January 10, 2011

Walker's 250,000 Job Plan

Scott Walker's plan to create 250,000 jobs apparently is to make them all part of the defense teams representing all of his county and campaign staffers who are getting tied up in the ongoing and ever-growing John Doe investigation.

The latest name to the growing number of attorneys involved in handling these defenses is Paul Bucher.


  1. How's that Lee Holloway working for you. 26 days of forlough. I feel sorry for you (honestly, I do) but I guess Walker wasn't that bad was he.

  2. Actually, this one is on Walker as well. He gave us the 26 furloughs last year. He crafted his illegal budget with another 26 written into it for this year. Holloway, as County Executive, is required to execute the budget as it was written and accepted by the Board.

    So, to be honest, it's Holloway 0, Walker (-54) [26 this year, 26 last year and 2 in 2009]