Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Notice To All State Workers

Brace yourselves!
Gov. Scott Walker says he will lay out specifics in his State of the State address next week about possibly needing to take emergency action on the state budget this year.
Walker stopped short Monday of saying he will call another special session for the Legislature to balance the state budget this year. Walker said it may be $130 million short or more.
As someone who had to deal with Walker's chicanery for eight years, let me assure you this is not good news.  Despite the fact that he has not offered a proposal at the negotiation table (in fact, he found his Judas Plale to take the 30 pieces of silver to sabotage the Tentative Agreements), Walker will claim that he  only wanted to have the unions make "reasonable" concessions, and use that as an excuse to start a massive layoff/privatization scheme.

Tax payers should brace themselves as well.  Walker has a lot of people he's got to pay back, and he will be using our money to do so.


  1. lame blog with nothing of substance. Seems like writer has a personal grudge and is tossing out accusations hoping to cause harm...

  2. When has Walker NOT needed to declare a crisis in order to budget?

  3. My BS detector went off bigtime when I heard Walker yapping about a budget repair bill. The state was actually in surplus for fiscal year 2009 '10, and things aren't that much worse for this one. It sounds a lot like how Walker made up a fiscal crisis in 2009 in Milw Co., then it turned out they had no problems when the real numbers came in.

    Unless these tax cuts are already costing a whole lot more than any increase in jobs they cause. It would be quite GOPper of him to mess up and use it as an excuse to screw people over by saying 'oops, we just can't afford it any more.'