Sunday, January 2, 2011

Frugality And Transparency!

As most people already know and more and more are figuring out, Scott Walker sold the voting public a bill of goods, saying he was the epitome of frugality and was as transparent as cellophane.

But lo and behold, just three days after the election, Mr. Frugality goes out and, using tax payers dollars, rents a 2011 GM Yukon XL. The car was driven for over 5000 miles and pinched the tax payers for more than $2000 in just the first month.

Not quite the Saturn he led people into believing he drove.

In all honesty, it's not that much of an upgrade, since as county executive, he was riding around in two or three SUVs, all on the tax payers dime. It's often been suspected that he was also using them for campaign events, but that's another story.

The alarming part is when The Daily Page called his office on it, they were first ignored, then given the run around, by Walker's new mouthpiece, Cullen Werwie. The paper had asked only two questions - how did Walker rack up so many miles in one month and whether he was a passenger in the SUV for all of those miles - yet Walker's office couldn't answer those directly.

Here's a hint: When they stall like that, there's a good chance that they're going to tell a lie.

Also: It's special equipped with an extra air bag and lots of bag lunches.

I just wonder if it came with its own manure spreader or is the superfluous airbag doing double duty.