Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some "Choice" Terms

When conservatives refer to the privatization of education, they are fond of calling it "school choice." Anyone that is for this sort of privatization is identified as being "pro-choice."

However, it the word choice is applied to a woman's reproductive rights, in the eyes of a conservative, it becomes synonymous with "pro-abortion." They will portray the pro-choice individual somewhere just beyond Ed Gein or Jeffrey Dahmer, as if they want to go around and kill every fetus in the world.

Given these two uses that conservatives have for the word "choice," one must conclude that the people that are pro-choice for schools are, in reality, out to kill education.

Which sounds pretty darn accurate seeing that the results of school choice, if the school stays open long enough to get any results, aren't all that great.

1 comment:

  1. There is much about school "choice" that I, despite considering myself a liberal, do not automatically discount out of hand. However, so much of the push is a blatant effort to fund religious education with public dollars, that discussion of the merits can never begin. Get religion out of it and I can see many potential merits.