Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Furlough Fest 2011

Last Friday, a little after five in the afternoon, Milwaukee County Executive had his new Director of Administration, Renee Booker, issue a memo informing county workers that many of them would be required to do another 26 furlough days in 2011.

Judging from the comments on the JSOnline story, as well as at least one conservative blogger, people are reading much more into this than there really is. They're not Holloway's fault.

The fact is that the furloughs were built into the illegal budget crafted by Scott Walker, and foolishly adopted by the County Board, last fall.

As County Executive, Holloway is required by law to faithfully carry out the budget as it was adopted, furloughs and all. If Walker had only done that during his tenure, Milwaukee County would not be as fiscally bad off as it is now.


  1. Are you saying that Holloway could not have overturned the furloughs. I don't believe that for a second.

  2. It's in the county ordinances. That is why there are three branches of government, to keep one branch from becoming too powerful.

    Walker often disregarded the ordinances and the budget, doing what he wanted. That is why Milwaukee County is in such poor shape.

  3. I do not take anything on this blog as fact. Until I hear Lee Holloway say he can not reduce the number of furlough days, by law, the upcoming furloughs are the responsibility of the current man in charge.

  4. But, TerryN, if Dad29 had provide this nugget of information, well, then, it must be "gold", eh?

  5. Wait a second....the county board has/had veto power over this supposed "illegal" budget, a county board that Lee Holloway presided over.

    So that makes Lee Holloway just as culpable for the furlough days as anyone...... He could have lobbied the board to shoot down the budget, but he didn't....

  6. When it comes to voting for a resolution, Holloway is only one of 19 supervisors. He doesn't control the way the other supes vote.

    Nope, it's still Walker's puppy.