Sunday, January 23, 2011

Walker's DNR: Technological Advances Bad, Killing Good

One of the things that was on Scott Walker's agenda for turning Wisconsin into a third-world state was killing off the biomass power plant that was being built by UW-Madison. In Walker's world, being on the cutting edge of developing alternative energy sources is just too dang expensive.

However, what is not too expensive for the Walker administration is learning about the lives of deer:
Wisconsin wildlife officials plan to capture about 200 deer from a helicopter over the next few weeks.

The $94,000 project calls for sending a helicopter into the skies over Sawyer, Price, Rusk, Shawano, Waupaca and Outagamie counties looking for deer. A person on board will select a deer, fire a net at it, fit the captured deer into a sling and air-lift it to researchers, who will fit them with radio tags.

The idea is to monitor the deer until they die and learn more about deer mortality. It's all part of a $2 million effort to get a better handle on Wisconsin's deer population after hunters complained about an anemic hunt in 2009.

You know, for $20, he could have gone to and gotten any number of books that deal with the patterns of white-tail deer. Instead, he's spending two million dollars so that he can help make it easier for people to kill more deer.

I'm just waiting for the time when he proposes a bill to make knuckle-dragging the official state pastime.

Unless there is, of course, an ulterior motive. The areas being targeted include where my trailer is. Perhaps it's time for me to look up that nonsense about black helicopters the conspiracy nuts do go on about...

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  1. If I were in one of those black helicopters, I'd be very worried about being shot down in Shawano County.