Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plale Confirms His Judas Role

Last week, we learned that ousted State Senator Jeff Plale had sold his vote regarding union contracts for the proverbial thirty pieces of gold. In selling his vote, not only did he betray the working families in the state, he also betrayed the tax payers who are now losing money every day by not having those contracts settled.

That same day, Jeff Wagner, afternoon squawker on 620 WTMJ (Walker's Talkers Mangling Justice) took umbrage with it. Looks like Wagner owes me an apology, not that I'm likely to get it.

In an effort to dig himself out of the public relations hole he dug himself in, Dan Bice found that Plale has only soiled himself further:
Plale told No Quarter that Walker's team did not come to him offering a post in state government.

"I turned in my resume to the transition team shortly after the election, had an interview a couple weeks later and was hired this Wednesday," he said in an e-mail.

Yes, just to be clear, that means Plale was actively seeking employment from Walker when he voted against the union contracts - something Walker wanted him to do - in last month's lame-duck session. He did not disclose this at the time.
Oh, that's so much better! Walker didn't buy his vote against the people of Wisconsin. Instead, Plale willfully sold it.

The voters in the 7th State Senate District did themselves a huge favor by throwing this treacherous weasel out of office.


  1. Why wouldn't/shouldn't Plale submit his resume to whomever was in charge, whether it was Walker or Doyle?

    I presume you will be asking the same of anyone from the Walker administration who was retained by Lee Holloway?

    I thought not.......

  2. Michael, I've got garden tools that are sharper than you. :-0