Thursday, January 6, 2011

Janesville Is Getting No Love

One has to feel bad for the folks in Janesville. They can't seem to find a representative that actually wants to live there.

First they had their former Assemblyman Mike Sheridan who, while going through a divorce, ended up moving out of his own district.

Now they've elected Joe Knilans to represent them, but he doesn't have an official address in the district either. He reportedly moved into his brother's basement, but now it doesn't appear to be his real address since it isn't up to code. The Democrats are at least jumping on this one.

Who knew that Janesville had such an apartment shortage?

I'm just waiting for Kevin Binversie, who really enjoyed slapping Sheridan around for this, to cover this story. That is, if the screaming 20 somethings let him.

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