Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, Same Spin Machine

So, with it being a brand new year, the Scott Walker spin machine is still cranking out the same old ditties.

Today's spin appears to be that the Walker's refusal of the $810 high speed train funding only cost the state a total of 12 jobs. The usual suspects are already drinking up that Kool-Aid, thinking that this is actual and that it is a good thing.

But the numbers themselves are suspect, given what is written later in the same article (emphasis mine):
A bipartisan group of local communications professionals, led by public relations executives Jason Lusk and Christel Henke, had circulated the letter, telling the Republican governor-elect that signers are "gravely disappointed over the loss of $810 million that could have been invested in our state," along with the loss of jobs and track improvements for freight rail.

The letter also urged "greater thoughtfulness, civility, creativity and compromise in the future" than the rail debate displayed.

But Lusk said GOP rail supporters - even some who helped draft the letter - backed out of signing it.

Some called the letter "too strident" toward Walker, while "others told us they were concerned that criticizing Governor-elect Walker would harm their efforts to bid on state projects," Lusk said by e-mail.

"In the end, we were left with a few dozen signatures, many from Democratic supporters, none from outspoken Republicans."
So if Walker's pay-for-play method of operation has Republican businessmen too scared to even be publicly honest about the effects of this lost economic development opportunity, how can we believe them when they talk about the impact they've already felt?

The ironic part of all this is that it was the conservatives that kept worrying about the false idea of President Obama being tyrannical, when the people are they are supporting are offering undeniable proof of who the real tyrants are.

ADDENDUM: Walker's dishonesty is well known and has gotten him into trouble before.

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