Friday, January 7, 2011

Sinking Like A Rock

For those of you who use Twitter, you might already know that Scott Walker has a new Twitter profile to reflect that he is now governor. But instead of acting gubernatorial, he sounds like he is still on the campaign trail. His inane and banal tweets consist of little more than pointing out articles that reflect a kinder shine on his short reign than the harsh light of the truth.

I had thought it odd until I saw the first post-election poll taken. Walker is on the campaign trail just to keep his popularity rating from its continuous spiraling nosedive:

Walker and Kasich both have worse numbers than they did in our polls right before the election.
Walker's favorability is a 41/49 spread and Kasich's is 36/40. One key reason for the disparity? We're now polling all registered voters in the states, not just 2010 likely voters as we were the last three months before the election. There was a steep drop in Democratic turnout compared to 2008 in both of those states that was a key part of the Republican victories and those Democrats who didn't vote aren't real big on their new Governors.

Only 12% of Democrats in Ohio have a favorable opinion of Kasich compared to 65% with an unfavorable one. And in Wisconsin just 7% rate Walker favorably to 85% with a negative opinion. They don't have anywhere close to the sort of crossover appeal that folks like Sandoval and Mead do, and as a result they don't go into office particularly popular.
And with the actions that he has recently taken, he'll be in the single digits by Easter.

The Chief and the Brawler each have more on these unsurprising results.

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