Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bad Leadership, Bad Decisions - The Robin Vos Story Continues

We've all seen it and we've all worked with these types of people.

The small-minded, insecure people that, when given even a wee bit of authority, it goes right to their head. All of sudden, just because they were given the keys to the executive bathroom or something, they think that they are the kings and queens of the universe and that everyone was created just to do their bidding.

These Dukes and Duchesses of Delusion are especially annoying, and sometimes even dangerous when they are bureaucrats. Or Assembly Speakers.

Robin Vos displayed this sort of inanity when he recently came out and said that he felt that he deserved an increase in his per diem.

At a time when the state's economy is still tanking, thanks to Scott Walker's agenda which Vos happily voted for, he wants more. When he just forced public sector workers to either leave their jobs or take large cuts in pay, he feels he should have more money. When the removal of money from circulation, which he supported full-heartedly, caused people to have to start choosing between food and rent, car payments or prescriptions, Vos wants more.

Perhaps it's all the alimony payments he has to make.

Or maybe popcorn balls aren't selling as well this year. Not that he'd make the connection on why that would be.

And for the record, I'm keenly disappointed that Representative Peter Barca failed to take the high road by rejecting the idea all together. Instead, he says that an increase in the per diem is the farthest thing from his mind, which would have been fine if he stopped there. Instead, he just had to had that he'd gladly accept one.

But Vos wasn't done with proving himself to be a petty person full of himself.

Vos also felt that since he was such a big wheel now that he needed to have not just one, but two offices in the Capitol. One office would be just for him and the other would be for all of the aides. Not only that, he wanted to have a stairway built between the two offices.

I don't know why he feels that the aides need an office since they're so comfortable just housing them in the law offices of Michael Best and Friedrich.

But here's the real kicker (emphasis mine):
Moving into Suder's office would be aides to Vos. The incoming speaker wants to restructure leadership staff into teams that are to work on policy and communications for all GOP representatives.
My first reaction was that they didn't want any more embarrassments such as the nine Republican legislators who wanted to arrest federal employees who would dare make health care affordable.

But then I remembered hearing how the Republican have been said to have been bullying and threatening to their fellow Republicans who even hesitated to goosestep along with the rest of them in ramming through Scott Walker's agenda. Indeed, we saw them primary their own people with teahadists for the sin of not toeing the line.

Then again, given Vos' history of corruption, the fear expressed by other Republicans that he is setting up his own version of a caucus scandal type of operation cannot be ruled out either.

There is a twisted sort of logic on why people like Vos would need to keep his fellow Republicans under a tight rein.

When the daftness of a person like Vos is only equaled by the daftness of his ideas, people aren't going to follow along willingly, unless they are just as daft as he is.

And let's be honest, the only time that Vos has had a good head on his shoulders is the time he got that beer dumped on him.


  1. Reminds me of the union bosses.

  2. Bet there is a 'casting' couch in that remodeling budget. Can't wait for his new staff announcement. If it is who I think she is we should be ashamed that this home wrecker has risen to this level of invincibility. I hope I am wrong.

    1. Doubt if you're wrong. On a positive note, arrogance often leads to the fall from power.

    2. What the home wrecker does not know is that Mama Vos ain't gonna stand for ANY one moving in on HER man. Oedipus and all that. Probably why Vos needs a wife as a "front" for his conservative base.

  3. Clearly, a meglomaniac has taken the reins of the Republican caucus in the State Assembly. Bigger offices, spiral staircases, raising the per diem rate are all signs Robin Vos is more obsessed with the perks and power of his new role rather than public service. Those who have known him a long time are not suprised. He is consolidating power so he can control his caucus. All that's missing here is a mansion and a yacht.

  4. Then there is the hinky little relationship between Vos (forcing communities to shift to part-timers to reduce wages and eliminate benefits) and Bill McReynolds (who conveniently offers services to these communities to do just that). Two separate things...okay...until you dig deeper and see that Vos/McReynolds are partners in JMR. So I ask you, how much payola is McReynolds giving Vos via the JMR "entity" for all this biz headed McReynold's way?