Monday, December 10, 2012

Don Pridemore III

We know that Don Pridemore has decided to run for State superintendent of Department of Public Instruction(DPI). 

To announce this good news, Don Pridemore recently went on an I am running for yet another office tour.   One thing you can say about Pridemore, at least he knows how to draw a crowd...

To be fair though, he and his staff, historically butcher press releases so badly that maybe no one knew he was coming!  Makes one wonder if his campaign manager, Bill Savage, graduated elementary school.   

It is probably good that no one showed up, because if they did, they would have reported on Pridemore's ignorance.

Here is Don Pridemore explaining why he is running(emphasis mine):

I’ve thought about it for a while now,” Pridemore said Wednesday. “I’m not real happy with some of the MPS (Milwaukee Public Schools), and not only MPS but the state public schools.”

He was especially not happy that Evers approached Gov. Scott Walker in November to ask for an additional $615 million in next year’s budget to fund Milwaukee Public Schools, money that Pridemore said is a waste since previous spending increases, in his opinion, did nothing to improve education.

Here is life outside the bubble:

 State and local funding for general Wisconsin public school operations would drop 5.5% in 2011-'12 while Milwaukee's private-school voucher program could be poised for a massive expansion under Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal, one that slashes $834 million in state K-12 education spending over the next two years*.

Finally  we know, that if Don was feeling bad that no one cared that he was announcing his run for the State's top education job,  Pridemore can always take solace and remember when times were good

Stay tuned, I am sure that Don Pridemore will be giving us plenty of material to be writing about through the April 2nd election!


  1. Is he still intent on introducing a bill that would require suspicious looking citizens to shoe their documents to police officers? Arizona style?

  2. by an amazing coincidence, those are the very same people who were at sykes' book reading.

    1. OK, that was funny enough to make me spit soda all over my monitor.