Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fewer Lies Please!

For some reason, unbeknownst to any logical thinking person, Jim Wigderson writes a column for an actual newspaper.  The problem is Wigderson is just a paid hack for the Mcgyver Institute, a right wing shadow organization based in WI, that has deep ties with some not very good people!  

Allowing Wiggy column space really diminishes the quality of the overall product, and I would highly recommend NOT being a subscriber to that paper.   Jimmy's latest column was one that if you have come to expect lies propaganda and deceit, you would not be disappointed.

Wigderson attempts to try and diminish the craziness of the right of people like Republican elected officials Kapenga and Pridemore!     Of course whenever someone on the right pretends to object to republican insanity, they perpetually do it using false equivalency

in recent years, the theories have had a poisoning effect on politics. Many on the Democratic left and in the Libertarian Party believe that the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center were really controlled detonations by agents of the Bush administration.

Quick question, how many of your left leaning friends, family or acquaintances think that the Bush administration were behind 911?   Im guessing your number is the same as mine  - 0!  (FYI - for our friends on the right who are mathematically challenged, zero would NOT be many). 

Part of it is denial. If someone believes that Obama stole the election through fraud, they don’t have to believe that millions of Americans chose to re-elect the creator of Obamacare who presided over $6 trillion in new debt.

Some on the right, including a state legislator from Idaho, are even suggesting boycotting the Electoral College vote to force the election into the House of Representatives. It is a strange misreading of the Constitution by people who claim to be strict Constitutionalists.

Then there is the response. If Obama is somehow illegitimate, then his laws should have no force. So we have nine(republican) members of the Legislature who bizarrely believe that Wisconsin law enforcement should arrest any federal agent that attempts to implement Obamacare here.

Among the nine are local state Reps. Chris Kapenga and Rob Hutton, and state Sen. Mary Lazich.
They believe that states have the right to declare federal laws null and void (nullification) if the laws are unconstitutional. It was last tried in Wisconsin before the Civil War to thwart the federal fugitive slave law. However, even the supporters of nullification from that era did not arrest federal officials trying to enforce the law.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court was overruled by the U.S. Supreme Court, and nullification has not been a credible idea in our state since.

If the failed idea of nullification isn’t strong enough, there is always secession. There are now secession petitions started in each of the 50 states.

Last I checked my history books, secession was effectively dealt with 1865. Some of you may have learned this at the movie theaters recently.
 Another point for our mathematically challenged friends on the right,  9 ELECTED republicans craziness does not equal ZERO democrats who supposedly believe the Bush Administration was behind 9/11.  

The rest of the article was so poorly written I dont have the time or inclination to correct, just say that I do NOT recommend reading it.  Wiggy REALLY needs and editor and a fact checker

This is the kind of BS yo u get from our friends on the right and also shows that our "media" is anything but liberal.   

I recommend contacting the Freeman and asking them for a higher quality product, one that is free of MacIver flunkies.  

 Phil Paige - Group Publisher  262-387-4830

 Bill Yorth - Editor-In-Chief  262-513-2671

Patricia Scheel - Prepress Manager  262-513-2690

For the record regarding my thoughts on 911 truthers:

As anyone who paid attention during the 8 years of the Bush Administration knows, that their unbelievable level of incompetence, would make them incapable of performing something like 9/11.   If  Bush/Cheney had planned 9/11, instead of  planes flying into buildings, it would have resulted in a couple guys running their ten speeds into a Dairy Queen in New Mexico.  


  1. I thought the Journal-Sentinel editorial page WAS the Waukesha Freeman. You mean there's actually ANOTHER Walkershaw newspaper?

  2. Yes, keep up the left/right meme' to the delight of TPTB, kids.

    Let them eat cake:

    Obama FCC proposes Gifts for Murdoch in extended monopoly media:

    Obama expands freedom to the oppressed:

    Free at last, Free at Last:

  3. "If Bush/Cheney had planned 9/11, instead of planes flying into buildings, it would have resulted in a couple guys running their ten speeds into a Dairy Queen in New Mexico."

    Cheney capable maybe, Bush (My Little Goat) easily molded and convenient puppet. Your statement about Bush or Cheney and 9-11 completely ignores the fact that their are people or groups (agencies of our intelligence apparatus) with the capability, the means, and the motivation to have planned and executed the 9-11 destruction.

    That doesn't say I believe in the conspiracy theories, but your statement doesn't rule out the possibility.

  4. I believe the government did it too and so do a lot of my friends. Were all lefties.

    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. And yes, you were totally convincing. No one would ever suspect that you were a right wing troll who is way overcompensated for your lack of talent and skill.

  5. I wish I could say that either your work, Capper, or Wiggy's was worth reading.

    Instead I feel like I could use a dose of Dramamine. I'm not known for being able to take those twists, turns, and dives without consequences.

    Does no one write actual content anymore? It seems like it's all about the two sides yelling, "You're stupid."

    "No, you're stupid."

    "No, I said you were stupid first."

    Compelling stuff.

    1. LOL! This is coming from the woman who blamed me for a protest by people I have never met while I was 70 miles away?

      Apparently you have so many readers that you have to go around sniping at us to draw them in.

      Maybe you should spend your time writing your second book, correcting your first one.

  6. Apparently you have missed all of the extremely well researched content about John Doe and his buddies who are now being sentenced for felony crimes while operating in plain sight of the present "governor" contained within Capper's written pieces. Your inability to recognize it or understand it, sounds like a personal problem and not Capper's or anyone else's problem.

    I'm intuiting that you might want to seek some professional help on several fronts since you apparently missed noting that this comment thread is attached to Jeff Simpson's writing and not Capper's.

    I'd also highly recommend a semester or two of remedial reading comprehension before you open your intellectual, digital and virtual pie-hole, yet still failing to come up with even 2 cents worth of anything.

    As I doubt that too very many practical thoughts may occur to you about anything, please accept my friendly suggestion that you might think about ignoring this blog altogether. A small favor to the rest of humanity, that you might actually be capable of performing.

  7. Man I cant even get credit for the stuff I write from my Favorite righty! what is the blogosphere coming too? Do I need to sign every post personally? put a picture up? have a catchphrase?

    Cindy here is the deal, I could care less what you and everyone on the right says on your blog. Its a free world blog away, I respect you because(for the most part) you will have a conversation(like we will). Wiggy and binversie etc, are just coward who wont let anyone who disagrees with them comment. So i occasionally poke fun at them about their blogs because they are so bad and because they are just hacks.

    However, when they get column space, in what is pretending to be an actual media source, it lends them credibility of which they do not deserve.

    OUR media should be used to advance the conversation, NOT push propaganda. Unfortunately that is all these people do, and people who casually pay attention read this shit and think since it is in the paper it must be credible.

    You know I think Kapenga is off his rocker, but i have to vote for him because his candidate is just as insane. NO thats not even close, there is NO equating the insanity of these 9 to ANYONE who is elected on the left. None zip zero. So wiggy does a good job of pushing his propaganda that he gets paid to do. It is brutally dishonest for a paper to print this stuff without some sort of disclaimer.

    I get that Waukesha Freeman is NOT the only who does it, numerous right wing newspapers do it!

    Which is why its not just "you lie, no you did " BS...its trying to update and have an actual conversation.

  8. Nonquixote, I agree. Bush and Cheney didn't need to personally plan and execute the 911 false flag event. Of course, they knew about it and approved of it, though likely they did not directly order it. It was planned carried out by what could be loosely called a "shadow government" of the United States, to fill what was seen as the need for a "new Pearl Harbor." Anybody who believes that an airplane and its load of jet fuel had the precision destructive power to bring those buildings down into their own footprints is delusional.

    Scroll down to "Evidence" and read the truth.