Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RoJo - The Gift That Keeps On Embarrassing

As my colleague, Jeff Simpson, pointed out, Senator Ron "Sunspots" Johnson brought shame upon himself once again by voting against disabled people.

But he was not done being a major embarrassment.

Despite seeing his state and country vote strongly in favor of President Barack Obama and Senator-Elect Tammy Baldwin, and for Obamacare, RoJo still has his heart set on repealing it.  This misplaced desire led to him getting a verbal smackdown:

RoJo also ignores the 30-some times they tried to repeal it before the election, failing each and every time.

The man is utterly clueless.

Oh, and by the way, the people who do know what they are talking about are saying it will save even more money than they had previously estimated.

Like I said before, teahadists like RoJo are not against taxes. They just want to make sure that those taxes benefit themselves and no one else. Likewise, the want to make sure that everyone but them have to pay for these taxes.

H/T Think Progress

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