Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Senate's Day of Shame

The United States Senate yesterday had a chance to vote on a UN disability treaty that has been negotiated starting with George W Bush.

WASHINGTON — Led by Republican opposition, the Senate on Tuesday rejected a United Nations treaty on the rights of the disabled that is modeled after the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act.

With 38 Republicans casting "no" votes, the 61-38 vote fell five short of the two-thirds majority needed to ratify a treaty. The vote took place in an unusually solemn atmosphere, with senators sitting at their desks rather than milling around the podium. Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, looking frail and in a wheelchair, was in the chamber to support the treaty.

The treaty, already signed by 155 nations and ratified by 126 countries, including Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia, states that nations should strive to assure that the disabled enjoy the same rights and fundamental freedoms as their fellow citizens.

Including our own Senator Ron Johnson, who voted against it "believing it could interfere with U.S Law"(It doesn't).  

Lawrence O Donnell had his own take it on it, and he lays it on the line.  The new batch of "tea party" republicans continue to hurt America.  The question to ask is, do they actually bring anything positive to the table?  

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  1. Dah UN is a buncha commies and soshlists trying to tell Amurika what tah do, eh.