Monday, December 3, 2012

Sykes' Insight = Anti-Gay Humor

As if five days a week of Charlie Sykes wasn't enough torture, WTMJ-TV has also given him a half hour long program on Sunday mornings. It's sort of a teahadist version of a televangelism show.

On Sunday, December 2, he had a panel which included Christian Schneider, the pathological liar, and Brian Fraley, one time employee of ALEC and more recently of the MacGuyver Institute and now "editor" of Sykes' propaganda page, Right Wisconsin.*

In this day's show, they had a segment called Unsolicited Advice.

During this segment, at the 13:56 mark, Fraley looks at Schneider and says:
Christian Schneider, that is the worst beard since Katie Holmes. Get a razor."
And the whole group broke up laughing.

Anti-gay humor apparently is what passes for keen intellectual insight among this group.

If Fraley, Sykes and WTMJ doesn't issue an apology for this on Monday, which no one in their right mind should expect, it shows you the value of anything else they might ever have to say about anything.

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* I will get to the whole Right Wisconsin business in due time.


  1. Oh, lighten up capper. I love your blog, but this hardly rises to the level of anti-gay humor. It's just a Tom Cruise joke-- hackneyed, for sure, but hardly homophobic.

    1. Sorry, but I have to disagree. That was a anti-gay slur, no less offensive than using the n-word.