Sunday, December 9, 2012

Walkergate: A Legacy of Corruption

I can't say that I always agree with Mike Tate, Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. But when he's on target, he's really on target, as with this press release:
Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to the two years prison time given to a Scott Walker appointee on Friday, as well as breaking news that Walker's former campaign chief has been cooperating with criminal prosecutors in the ongoing John Doe corruption probe.

"Scott Walker's legacy will not be one of reform, since it's business as usual for special interests in Madison. It will not be a legacy of job creation, since Wisconsin has been dead last under Scott Walker's watch.

"Likewise, Scott Walker will not be remembered for investment in infrastructure, advances in education or for advancing small "d" democratic values. He's been on the opposite side of all that.

"As it stands, the calling card for Scott Walker has been criminal corruption.
"Wisconsin never has had a governor so closely tied to criminals.

"Today, another of his associates was given prison time for schemes committed under Scott Walker's banner. Most of crimes committed thus far have been committed for Walker's personal benefit, and recently released emails show that Walker himself clearly was involved in the commission of crimes.

"Walker's response has been evasive and self-serving. He wants to be congratulated for starting this investigation yet has to this point offered not a single concrete explanation for his central role in the conspiracies committed.

"Walker may never have to stand trial for his actions. But, as another of his associates heads to prison, the public has every right to fear that they have a governor who not only enables corruption, but may be practicing it."


  1. Chairman Tate sounds a little pessimistic about the chances of Walker getting charged with any crimes in this whole investigation. Yet lately there's a whole lot of cooperating going on from his former staff members with the DA's office.
    The evidence that we've seen in the recent plea bargains indicates the DA has a very strong hand,but Chisholm is still holding those cards very tight. He knows that he has a ways to go before he catches the big one. He's just scooped up the minnows with Rindfleisch & Russell's bunch, and my guess is Nardelli & Gilkes are the chubbs he'll use to bait the hook to land the prize catch.

  2. As I keep saying.....It took Illinois 4 years to convict Blago.

    1. Yep, as any big game fisherman will tell you, it takes time and a lot of patience to land a big fish.

  3. That S.O.B. is as corrupt as they come ! !

  4. Why did our Chief Prosecutor - AG VanHollen opt out??

    1. Because he knew he'd either be run out of town no matter the results. If he didn't prosecute, the left would have his hide. If he did, the right would.