Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What The Frack?

Anyone who has seen the film "Gasland" or has a lick of common sense, knows the damage that Fracking can do to a local environment.

As the right is want to do, when something comes out this damaging to their cause, they need to find as many people who are willing to pretend to be experts and say whatever is needed to discredit the film in the eyes of the general public.   

In our current culture of greed, and because the right pays so well(if you do what they tell you to), there is no shortage of options to repeat the cycle for this topic.  The latest is Ann McElhinney.  Remember her name as you will hear it again and again from our "friends" on the right as the rush to give Gogebic Taconite everything they ask for

She and her film will be paraded around Wisconsin, quoted and misquoted on the Assembly floor and a bill giving everything the Gogebic Taconite asks for will be passed.  Then Ann and her crew will collect their money and go home, some beautiful areas of Northern WI will be devastated, tourist dollars will dry up, the mining company will get what they can and leave and the republicans will blame the democrats for the devastation.  

Lather, Rinse, Repeat!  

Beautiful Lake Front Property For Sale!
So before Ann joins Robin and Scotty for the Fracking is great tour, know that she ACTUALLY said this( I expect Frank Luntz to get ahold of her and clean this quote up before she gets to far along in her tour(emphasis mine)):

 “One of the biggest lies in Gasland is that when they started fracking in your neighborhood, if you light a match, your water’s going to go on fire,” she said, explaining that in certain parts of the United States the water has always been flammable. “And you know what it means that you have flammable water? It means that you’re really, really, really, really, really, really lucky, because you have loads and loads of oil and natural gas.

mmmmmm,  Tasty!  

Talk about winning the lottery lucky, who wouldnt want to be able to drink that on a daily basis!    

Our cows do not need tails anyway!


  1. The Frac Sand industry did not really take off until Charlie Walker of the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation, a shadowy group with strong ties to the WMC, worked behind the scenes with Texas oilmen and a few local people to grease the industry's entry into Chippewa County. No one who looks even moderately closely at this situation can help but smell corruption. And, if you know how that town/county works, it's all exceedingly obvious. But, as is the norm, unless shit happens in Milw. or Madison, it's not worth really looking at for most people. Trouble is, that aquifer covers the entire state and then some. The same aquifer that is subsiding near Milw/Waukesha, extends way up into frac min country. That is where the water to wash the frac sand comes from. The drawdown from wet-processing plants is significant, the possibilities for eventual drinking water contamination via slap-dash mining practices is phenomenal. And, these standards and practices that are established in god-forsaken Scott Duffy country will be readily applied to the rest of the state. Precedent is already established. Anyways, Charlie Walker and the local corrupt creeps in the Chippewa Falls area are encouraging Scott Walker's WEDC (taxpayers) to foot the bill and create a "study" that will prove once and for all the benefits of the frac sand industry to WI. So yeah, get used to lots of Happy Talk about fracking. Probably paid for and script written by your own state gov't. Too bad Leni Riefenstahl is unavailable, I'm sure these a-holes would love to hire her for this propaganda project if they could.
    p.s. it's beyond me why Tate Zielinski et al (including local Democrats who are supposed to be so magnificent but are weak-spined as all hell)are just soooo uninterested in this issue. Clearly not on the radar for most people. Somnambulence is something we can all regret at leisure later on. Actually, I fully realize it's not that they're unaware, it's that they realize what they're up against. Texas Oilmen and greedy hush-mouthed local officials. Let's not make waves where it might count. It's so much easier to act like singing in the rotunda is taking a really bold stand and is a real Action Plan, hahaha. As if. Fiddlin' while Rome burns. Been done before, doesn't really work.
    p.p.s. Hoping the Gogebic mining plans will hit a wall in the form of the Treaty (let's not take a real hard stand and hope the Indians will save our butts) is also stupid.

    1. Most people forget that the Democratic Party under the control of the DLC, DNC, and DCCC to a lesser extent are the ones who gave Barrett (through Rahm) the go ahead to f#*k up the recall by entering the primary and dividing opposition enough to make it just fail without seeming too obvious. The Democratic county party gate-keepers where I reside told us to be satisfied with listening to the pundits, and to sit on our hands as there is really nothing to do now until 2014, since the D side "won," the presidency. Asshats one and all.

  2. I understand your frustration, but lets not say it is completely ignored, i am trying here to bring some more light to the subject!

  3. And in another move, "necessary for US energy independence" (i.e. extraction and sale of natural resources on the world market) we get containment gear, "success," in tests done by Shell in the Pacific off the US coast. What could possibly go wrong in the actual ice fields of the Artic?