Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Nation Of Cretins!

By Jeff Simpson

Charlie Sykes had a "best seller" a while back called "A Nation of Moochers", which drew tremendous interest whenever he spoke about it.   I think Sykes had it wrong(like usual)!  We are a nation of CRETINS not Moochers! 

Let me present my case:

1.  We are closing schools in the poorest areas of the country, not just a school but now we are closing SCHOOL DISTRICTS!

2.  In Wisconsin, not only did we pass a bipartisan bill telling the poor WHAT they can buy with their food stamps, now we are trying to kick half the people off of the program!  

As Glenn Grothman says - That’s why I’m for it,” Grothman said. “Maybe they’ll leave the state to boot. Use that quote.”
3.   In Oklahoma, a tea party member is charged with blackmailing a state Senator.

4.  In Virginia a GOP candidate for Attorney General has introduced a bill forcing women to report miscarriages to police

5.  The MOST  Egregious act of the bunch is after yesterdays devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma, the two Oklahoma Senators are playing political game with disaster relief!  

Before the final body count has even come in (which currently stands at 51, with officials telling the medical examiner’s office to expect at least 40 more) a pathetic excuse for a human being, GOP Senator Tom Coburn, will apparently require offsets to spending before he votes in favor of disaster relief for the areas of Oklahoma devastated by tornadoes on Monday.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.  Even with 20 children confirmed dead, along with 31 others (as of 12:30 am CDT), and countless others with their lives destroyed, this sorry excuse for a human is already playing politics with the lives of Americans who are in desperate need of help.

When did this country become one that only helps its citizens when the “proper budget cuts” have been made?

These are elected officials and supposed "leaders" of our community and our country!  Who elects these people, since when has it been ok to leave our fellow Americans stranded in times of need?  Since when has "balancing the budget" trumped taking care of fellow Americans?  Since when have we accepted this as the new normal? 

Oklahoma Tornado Levels Towns

 This aerial photo shows the remains of homes hit by a massive tornado in Moore, Okla., May 20, 2013. A tornado roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, flattening entire neighborhoods, setting buildings on fire and landing a direct blow on an elementary school. (Steve Gooch/AP Photo)


  1. These people like Coburn are worthless pieces of sh*t. I hope the Oklahomans are listening. I had to post as anonymous but my name is Ron and I'm a teacher in Racine Unified.

  2. I would like to see Senator Grothman leave the state. In fact, there are days when I want to throw him in the trunk of my car, and drive him out of state myself. I'm thinking Alaska. But of course, that would be wrong so I mustn't even think it.

  3. Why don't Democrats use these items to their advantage down the road? Drive the point home that after some of the worst weather tragedies this nation has seen, it was Republicans who constantly stood in the way of helping their fellow Americans, and not the Democrats.

    We are a caring people. We on the left are empathetic, sometimes to a fault. Why anybody votes for these sickening, deranged, self-promoting bastards is beyond me.

    1. Well said. It's time to do a little "What would Jesus do?" talk on the left.

      This country's sure fallen a long way from "Pay any price, bear any burden," hasn't it?

  4. Like Sheldon Whitehouse you waste no time politicizing a tragedy over lies.

    Like schoolboys, you cherry pick something, demonize the comment then characterize all people on their side as one and the same.

    In that case you are all corrupt liars based on Barack Obama and his playing dumb to what his administration has been doing to Americans.

    I see your side picks and choose the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights to suite their needs.


    Carry on until recess boys and girls...

  5. The only acceptable unfettered expenses to be tollerated are unauthorized wars to steal foreign sovereign nations' resources.

    As Bush said,"The oil alone will pay for the war." I wonder how's that work'n for ya?

  6. Bush? That's all your little childish pea brain can muster???

    WTF does Bush have to do with the lying and corruption in the Obama Administration over the last four years?

    Go stand in the corner little boy.

  7. No matter how many powerful tornadoes and high death tolls the Red States suffer, they will continue to vote for the Republicans who caused these disasters by refusing to so anything about global climate change and persecuting those who tried to warn the public. Why? They are prisoners of their "tribes" based on religion, race, region. In order to be a member in good standing of your tribe, you have to adore the GOP and condemn the Democrats, evidence be damned.