Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Clarke Embraces His Inner Madness

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has been going around tooting his own horn about an award he is going to be receiving later this month. The problem is that the award is coming from an anti-goverment group that makes Michele Bachmann look sane:

Founded in 2011, the sheriffs association is the brainchild of Richard Mack, a former Arizona lawman who says he wants to organize sheriffs who understand their primary duty is to protect local citizens from the tyranny of the federal government.

His association, he says, will be "the army to set our nation free" -- albeit a non-violent army, he adds.

"The greatest threat we face today is not terrorists; it is our own federal government," Mack says on his personal website. "If America is conquered or ruined it will be from within, not a foreign enemy."

In a 15-minute chat this week, Mack -- or "Sheriff Mack," as he prefers to be called -- reaffirmed these sentiments and went even further. He voiced his support for states to nullify federal laws they deem unconstitutional. He also called the U.S. government "universally corrupt."
When Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called Clarke out about this, Clarke came back with this really odd (even for him) reply:
"I am extremely proud and humbled at the same time for this recognition by an association of my peers," Clarke said in a statement.

"Have you ever been recognized by an association of writers as Journalist of the Year? If you ever are, and I read about it, I will congratulate you, not try to poop on your recognition."
Would someone please by the sheriff a dictionary so that he knows that one cannot be proud and humbled at the same time?

But at least Clarke is admitting that these whackadoodles are his peers.

For this I applaud Clarke. Admitting that he has a problem is the first step to getting better.

Postscript: The word in the Courthouse is that Milwaukee County Emperor Chris "Little Walker" Abele is insanely jealous of his friend Clarke being honored by this group.   He's vowed he's going to be similarly honored, no matter what it's going to cost the taxpayers.


  1. Can someone please BUY the author of this article a dictionary? One misspelled or misused word will undermine the entire credibility of this story.

    1. Can't defend your tool Davey, can you? With good reason, as he's descended into first-class buffoonery, so he can grab a nice wingnut welfare paycheck after he quits his current job in 2014

  2. Clarke is a fucking joke. He's the new class of Wississippi redneck trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

    These sociopaths that wrap themselves in the flag but piss on the Constitution need to be publicly called out for the sick fucks that they are.

    They are dictators in the making and Wisconsinites had better wake the fuck up and understand this.