Sunday, May 19, 2013

RIP County Grounds. Cause of Death: Greed

For years, I've been giving the warning regarding the endangerment of the county grounds and the treasures it contains, the Eschweiler Buildings and the Monarch Trail.

In a nut shell, then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker sold the county grounds for a song, breaking his promise to never let the land be developed.  Then the Wauwatosa Common Council willfully ignored the experts and their own constituents, selling them out to the wealthy land developers, by ramming through approval for them to destroy the natural habitats contained on the county ground so that they could build really important things like a school no one wanted there, a hotel, more apartments, a restaurant and a strip mall.

At the beginning of the year, we caught a horrifying glimpse of things to come when the developers hired an out of state company to come up and destroy scores of century trees which weren't even near the proposed construction site.

Earlier today, I had the "opportunity" to pop in at the county grounds.  What I saw broke my heart.  The following are some before and after photos.

It is limited because they have the grounds so befouled you can no longer enter them, much less get to the Monarch Trail or the Eschweiler Buildings.  Lord only knows what they are doing to those areas.  Based on these pictures,  I shudder to think about it.

But they do have a sign to tell you what is going on:

Of course, none of the things the developers had promised during the charades they did with the Tosa Common Council has anything to do with what's on that sign.  And nothing on that sign has to do with what they are actually doing.

And who is to blame for this crime against nature and against the public trust?  Well, as stated earlier, there is Scott Walker and the Wauwatosa Common Council.  But even they are puppets for the real criminals, who were bold enough to pose in celebration of their evil:

How many members of the Greater Milwaukee Committee can you count in that picture?  There is at least three that I could spot in a minute: Sheldon Lubar, Chris Abele and Michael Cudahy.

And with Abele newly enthroned as Milwaukee County Emperor, how do you think that other county parks and assets are going to fare?  And don't think for a minute that these plutocrats and oligarchs are going to be using union companies or paying decent wages or even minority companies.  They were very specific about giving Abele full control of those things when they handed him his tiara.

The only question I have is how long will it take before people hit the tipping point and we can start working on these problems before they get any worse?


  1. I was just on the trail today, no issues getting in to the trail or the buildings...

    1. Oh? So you just jumped the cyclone fencing and navigated around all the construction equipment and torn up ground? Next, you'll claim that there's no destruction happening at all.

  2. Where was Vukmir?

  3. Environmental rapists!

  4. Call UWM they are the developers!

  5. It's not UWM. It's the UWM Foundation, which is a group of wealthy land developers including Sheldon Lubar and Michael Cudahy and other members of Abele's Greater Milwaukee Committee.