Friday, May 31, 2013

Journalism Is Dead: Part 12,587

Just check out the headline that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel chose to go with regarding the committee reassignments for Milwaukee County Supervisors:

Dimitrijevic is lucky she is a woman, or they would have ran with "Dimitrijevic won't say if he's stopped beating his wife."

The amazing thing is that the tabloid has taken great pains to avoid covering Milwaukee County Executive Emperor Chris Abele's retaliations against underlings that didn't kiss his ring.  Or the simple fact that his whole usurpation bill stems from the fact that the County Board were the first adults in his life to tell him no.

It truly is a sad thing when the biggest paper in the state is revealed to be nothing more than a glorified conservative blog.


  1. I'll cut Bice some slack in that a separate group writes headlines. HOWEVER, it IS apparent that MJS management is strongly pushing an agenda that support the chamber's agenda and that of WisGOP.

  2. Do I ever praise you? Doesn't seem familiar. But I love your headline.
    btw i had been thinking about The Bice lately, after reading that one rant saying Bice should resign. Lame rant, but it hit me - he's actually the LAST guy to be viewed as expendable by the Bigs at that rag. So okay, he gets the drop on a lot of stories, but I didn't realize until recently as well, that is not because of his own research and leg-work, it's cuz people foaming at the mouth for publicity and scandal FLOOD HIS INBOX with tons of juicy stuff. He has to sit back with a latte and read his mail and CHOOSE?!
    LOL, intrepid stuff we got goin' on there.
    Anyways, Bice is still good, but only good at framing things so they will pull in maximum traffic and attention to the JS. The clouds have lifted, the truth shines like the sun. Bice's job is not to report, not to expose, not to encourage discussion, none o' that. His job is to sell papers. Or ad-views. He's apparently not a journalist, but a gossip conduit and a skilled Carnie. keeping everyone pumped up with outrage and checking back at the JS for their daily-hourly atrocity fix. Mr. Haha Made-ya-look.
    People in comments are wasting their time as much as audience members at the Jerry Springer show. Same principle. Bice is probably really disappointed the JS has to keep some illusion of professionalism, otherwise it would have read
    Dimitrijevich Won't Say If Her Fun-Bags Are Augmented By Taxpayers
    Sources say that there has been a substantial increase, perhaps even a surplus in the County leader's office over the last year. Several Department heads, giggling and speaking off the record have also noted a significant level of jiggle and bounce. Dimitrijevich however is playing it close to her chest, and as of press time the prominent supervisor had not returned reporter's calls. Insiders do say that she is seeking extra support, and will soon be announcing a more transparent,hands-on approach, coupled with more robust and frequent public relations sessions.

    He would if he could I swear ta gawd. With better syntax and grammar I admit, but my point is made. The guy is an e-mail herder and carnival barker, nothing more. U no, I heard the JS profits are WAY up since Walker has been dropping his bombs and WI is lousy with controversy and artificially inflated drama every stupid minute. We're the Jerk-ees, Bice is one of the Jerk-ers. Trite. Once you think about that for a while, Bice and his "dish" seems really really boring. Boring enough not to even bother to dump cookies to get around their "pay wall" that often anymore. Zzzzzzzz.

  3. Everyone at journal communications is a hack and their business model for years now has been to inflame racist hate and wing-nut propaganda across the state -- all directed to hurt and undermine Milwaukee.

    The rest of the state hears nothing but lunatic rants against their hometown, but Milwaukee Journal Sentinel doesn't care -- they wrote of this city many years ago.

    But they are not alone -- there is a huge echo-chamber across the state.

    James Rowen is no better -- his "look at me" stye of journalism only serves himself and his masters at journal communications -- even if you think he brings legit issues to the table, he ALWAYS hides the role of the media in creating each and every divide-and-conquer and economic-terrorism against what was once the star-jewel in Wisconsin's economy -- a vibrant city that played a critical role in America's emergence as a world power.

    Rowen, the self-proclaimed "blue" in the sham "purple" lie just proves that there is nothing fair nor balanced when truth is offset with lies and parties that bear responsibility for Wisconsin's sorry-economic situation get a free-pass every day.

    Yes, folks like bice are the most dispicable becuase they willingly hide behind the lie that they are "watchdogs", but it takes the rest of the journal communications noise machine to create that "special" platform for dan bices subtle and subversive propaganda.

    But, in the end, nothing will change until we organize economic boycotts of the businesses that prop up the mighty noise machine -- that will take more than just bloggin' about the outrageous lies.

    And it will also take a coalition of leaders to put their own pageviews and egos aside and actually, you know, do something for the common good.

    Sadly, the 99% (or whatever percentage you choose to use to represent the majority of working-Americans and under/unemployed Americans) never learned to play nice together in the past.

    We have divided ourselves -- anyone that has spent any real time in Madison knows that john nichols Wisconsin Uprising(tm) failed because too few excluded and disrespewcted the many -- there was not need to jockey to be the "rock star".

    The radical-extremist stuff the repugs are ramming through the budget demand that the opposition re-evaluate what has worked and what hasn't.

    No real social change in America has taken place without economic actions -- we will go no-where until we withhold the only real "votes" we have that are actually counted -- the dollars we spend.

  4. If you think the MJS is bad, take a look at the Wisconsin State Journal. I don't think there is a more pathetic newspaper in the US. Even the sports section sucks. MJS at least resembles a real newspaper and is capable of some good reporting, whereas the State Journal is not.

    Anonymous' screed against Jim Rowen is bizarre. You would think this individual would eventually tire of these loathsome personal attacks which seem to pop up from time to time on every Wisconsin blog. Personal vendetta much?

    I have known Rowen off and on, in a second-hand manner, for over forty years. He's one of the best journalists this state every produced and was a savvy progressive political operative in government. He has tremendous personal integrity and intelligence which he brings to bear when analyzing any topic. He's also a hell of a nice guy. The only appropriate response to the anonymous attack on him is: "Yada Yada Yada".

  5. The point isn't who is the worst -- journal communications, lee enterprises, gannett and clearchannel continually outdo each other in an attempt to lead the propaganda machine.

    rowen is part of that problem as he is a willing participant in the "purple" lie of balanced and "objective" journalism.

    But the truth he hides each day is the role of the media for which he is a willing propagandist -- gareth is an outstanding example.

    Because he does not have the courage to tell the truth about what is happening and why the repugs are CRUSHING their "opposition", he is also part of the problem and he is a coward.

    Readers of The Political Environment are just as uninformed as those that read or listen to any other the other journal communication right-wing noise.

    Carving out a Blue(tm) brand and pretending to be providing "balance" when in reality you are just proppin' up and enabling the propaganda is exactly why proprietary, closed, and secret election results consistently put the repugs in control.

    Wisconsin Uprising(tm) may have made john nichols and jason stein some money and elevated them to "experts" on everything cheddar, but it has nothing to do with the truth.

    There are low-information voters on both sides of what "purple" proclaims are the acceptable extremes of our politics.

    1. Hey Anonymous--You and Walker are two peas in a pod--small minded and pathetic.