Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Expensive Commute(for us)!

By Jeff Simpson

Membership in the "fiscal conservative" club of WI has its priviledges!   It is so lucrative for republicans majority leader Scott Fitzgerald that he gets paid an additional $14,608/yr just to drive to work!   Honest!  

The trip from N4692 Maple Rd in Juneau to the Wisconsin State Capitol on 2 W Main St in Madison clocks out to 48.59 miles.   Which translates into an extra $14,608 dollars of taxpayer money into Scotty's bank account. 

Good work if you can get it! 

How much money did you get paid to drive to work this morning? 

Are lady "friends" more or less of an expense than wives?


  1. Hey Jeff -- you forgot to mention that 11 of the top 20 per diem claimers are democrats -- in spite of the fact that they represent only about 40% of WI legislators. I'm sure that was just an oversight on your part.

  2. Actually if you read the post, I did not mention anyone but Scotty Fitz!

    If I were to expand, i would mention the rumor that Robin Vos actually is pulling a John Gard and living in Sun Prairie(with a former leggie) yet still collecting the $88/ day sdespite the fact he doesnt even live in his district. Which is fitting because it shows how he steals from teh state and truly doesnt represent anyone BUT since its just a rumor, I would never put that in a post!

    1. So Vos is pulling a Randy Hopper? Really? Well, you know what happened to Randy Hopper's legislative career.

  3. Jeff,

    Is the rumor claiming that Robin is living in Sun Prairie with Michelle? Or is he living with a "former" leggie?

  4. arent they one and the same?

    Leggie = legislator

  5. I think Robin Vos would tell you lady friends are more expensive than wife #1, wife #2 and wife #3. Isn't that right, Michelle?

    After all, Wisconsin taxpayers continue to pay the healthcare costs of soon-to-be ex-wife #3 who's been hiding out in Idaho for 1+ years. Shouldn't Idaho taxpayers start picking up the cost of this giveaway to Robin Vos?