Thursday, May 30, 2013

Abele's Misogyny - Not Just For Chairwomen Anymore

It's been well documented that Milwaukee County Executive Emperor Chris "Lil
Walker" Abele has no respect whatsoever for County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic.

First his office mockingly refers to the Chairwoman as being a "mean girl."  Then Abele, on Pay Equality Day, shows his derision towards Dimitrijevic by taunting her that she might lose more than half her pay when his Plutocracy Bill is fully enacted.

Well, the "good news" is that his misogyny towards Dimitrijevic isn't personally.  He apparently dislikes most women, as evidenced by the fact that he apparently doesn't think women deserve the same pay as men:
Two women who work as housing coordinators for Milwaukee County are suing the county for gender discrimination, contending they're paid substantially less than a man who formerly did a similar job.

Jean Wolfgang and Dena Hunt are asking for pay raises and $300,000 each to make up for the difference in wages, plus unspecified punitive damages against the county, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court.

They say the county discriminated against them because Damon Dorsey made more money as one of four county housing coordinators than they do — even though Wolfgang and Hunt supervise more employees than he did.

Dorsey held the title of county economic development coordinator but was assigned the duties of housing coordinator. Before Dorsey left the county in October, he was paid nearly $72,000 a year to administer the county's community development block grant program.

Wolfgang, who now holds that post, started at nearly $51,000 and now is paid $66,000, the lawsuit says. Hunt is paid $60,216 as housing and development program coordinator.

"No legitimate reason exists, other than gender, for the pay differences between the male employee, Dorsey, and the female employees, Wolfgang and Hunt," the suit says.

Wolfgang and Hunt are claiming a civil rights violation by the county.
Then again, they too could have had very exorbitant pay increases like Abele's Chief of Staff, Amber Moreen. All they had to do was learn to understand the slightly drunk Abele.

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