Sunday, May 19, 2013

Graeme Zielinski Leaves DPW Even More Adrift

You could have knocked me over with a feather on Friday when I saw the following email from Graeme Zielinski, former spokesman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin:
After three-and-a-half years before the mast at the Democratic Party of
Wisconsin, I'm moving on. It was one hell of a ride and I'm proud of the work I've done, both before- and behind-the scenes.

It was an honor to fight passionately, honestly and with integrity for the values I love that have sustained the state and Party I love, all during some pretty momentous days.

As my Church teaches me, the rich and powerful can fend for themselves. It is up to progressive institutions to stand up for the rest of us, and that's what I intend to do as I move forward, buoyed and strengthened by the great experience of my time with the Party.

Stay tuned and be in touch. In the immediate future, I'm working on an exciting writing project which you'll hear more about soon-Cheers, GZ .
I was shocked. I have known Graeme for a number of years and the one thing that no one could deny about him is that he is the ultimate party loyalist. I mean the man is loyal to a fault.

Now, I don't know what prompted this sudden departure and I won't pretend that I do.

However, Zielinski did post this on his Facebook page:
Friends: Not to be mawkish, but I'm facing a serious health scare. I've told some of you about it, but there are tests and MRIs and (blech) IVs and whatnot. I ask for some prayers, since this is sort of freaking me out. If you're a practicing, believing Catholic, I ask that you pray to Francis for intercession, since I've been dumping everything on him. I'm in fine spirits, etc., but let's all hope that this passes.
There are some who have speculated that Zielinski's departure is too coincidental to the upcoming party elections in which long time party head Mike Tate is facing a challenger. Friday, the day Zielinski made his announcement, was the day when nomination papers were due.  It is reported that Joe Kallas, Mike Tate's opponent for DPW Chair, had filed his papers just before Zielinksi's announcement.

There are many disgruntled Democrats who are frustrated with party leadership after losing both houses of the legislature, the governor's office twice and seats on the Supreme Court three out of four times.

There is also frustration stemming from the apparent lack of direction and lack of cohesiveness.  These issues are exemplified by things like:

As I said earlier in this article, Zielinski is loyal to the Party to a fault.  The same can be said about the way Zielinski feels towards Tate.  If Zielinski thought for one second that Tate's reelection was in jeopardy, he would not leave his side, regardless of the role he had within the Party.

When Zielinski's role in the Party was diminished, the Party definitely showed the loss.  Now that Zielinski is done with the Party altogether, the loss will be even more noticeable.

But whatever the cause of Zielinski's departure, I wish him the best of luck and look forward to seeing him around for a fish fry and/or just a beer.

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  1. wow s this is why we seem so broken. I need to read this blog more.