Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This is What Austerity Looks Like!

By Jeff Simpson

A couple things to pay attention to before watching this video:

1.  Is it surprising the color of the kids affected in a state run by republicans?

2.  Our old friend Paul Ryan (R- Wall St.) makes a special guest appearance speaking of morals(seriously)!

3.  The emergency manager law was all ready to be rolled out in WI, until the people occupied the Capitol two years ago! 


  1. I see empty space on my iPad. What format are you using. Still a big blank area

  2. This is beyond outrageous! How can this be legal? Paul Ryan and Gov. Rick Snyder do not give two snots to poor people. The median income in this township is why it has trouble funding schools. This argues for broader funding of schools at the state and even Federal levels.