Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hey, Reince, How's That Rebranding Going?

Remember when Reince Priebus, Grand Wizard Chairman of the Republican National Committee said he wanted to rebrand the GOP and make it much more tolerant, compassionate and humane?  He seemed to be having problems getting that off the ground then.

It appears he is still having problems with it today as well:
The GOP’s attempts to reach out to minorities so far have been an abysmal failure. That failure is highlighted by Pablo Pantoja, who was the State Director of Florida Hispanic Outreach for the Republican National Committee, that is, until he changed his voter registration to become a Democrat on Monday, via a letter published on Tampa Bay Times.

Pantoia wrote Monday, “It doesn’t take much to see the culture of intolerance surrounding the Republican Party today. I have wondered before about the seemingly harsh undertones about immigrants and others. Look no further; a well-known organization recently confirms the intolerance of that which seems different or strange to them.”

Pantoja then points to Heritage Foundation’s Jason Richwine, who just resigned, “Studies geared towards making – human beings – viewed as less because of their immigrant status to outright unacceptable claims, are at the center of the immigration debate. Without going too deep on everything surrounding immigration today, the more resounding example this past week was reported by several media outlets.

A researcher included as part of a past dissertation his theory that “the totality of the evidence suggests a genetic component to group differences in IQ.” The researcher reinforces these views by saying “No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-IQ children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against.

Then again, to be fair, we can blame Priebus for all the racism in the GOP. A lot of it just comes naturally.


  1. Republicans are incapable of freeing themselves from their genetic predisposition to racism and misogyny. Check out the story of Nadia Naffe. She is a conservative black woman who was naïve to think that Republicans believe in equality for all.

    The launching of three phony scandals by Republicans show that they have given up on minority outreach and have gone Full Monte on their politics of destruction. Benghazi is not “of all the great cover-ups in history” — including the Pentagon papers, Iran-Contra and Watergate — Benghazi “is going to go down as the most serious, most egregious coverup in American history” as science denier Sen. James Inhofe claims. The IRS targeted a broad spectrum of political groups, not just conservative groups, as the IRS tried to do its job to not allow political organizations to have tax exempt status. The Department of Justice was following the law as Republican lawmakers desired when it acquired Associated Press phone records to identify who leaked national security secrets. A tiger can’t change its stripes.

  2. Continuing with the animal metaphor, removing xenophobia, racism, sexism and homophobia from the Republican party is like trying to keep a dog from licking his balls.