Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WEDC On Fourth CFO In Two Years

It was recently reported that the WEDC (Walker's Economy-Destroying Cronies) has announced that they had hired a new CFO, Stephanie Walker.  

This is admittedly not a story that usually interests me, but there was something
that caught my eye which I want to share with the gentle reader (emphasis mine): 
Gov. Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature created WEDC in 2011 to help the governor meet his campaign promise to create 250,000 private-sector jobs. But the agency has been beset by problems, including persistent turnover. 
The agency lost its first CEO after just 16 months on the job. Its third CFO resigned last month after just 24 hours on the job.
That's three CFO's in just six months.  When you have a turn over like that, that a pretty sure sign that things are screwed up beyond recognition.

The's report on the hiring is also less than confidence-building:
"We're very excited for Stephanie to join the WEDC team," said Reed Hall, WEDC secretary and CEO. "She brings a wealth of experience in public sector financial management and private sector auditing. That's the perfect combination of talent for a public-private entity such as WEDC and exactly what we need to continue the tremendous progress we've made in reforming WEDC's internal systems and controls."
Think about that paragraph for a minute and what it really is saying.

Reed Hall, one of Scott Walker's cronies, who is the "CEO" of this corruption machine, is praising her "public financial management" and "private sector auditing." 

Now read those terms again and look at them from a Walkeresque point of view.  When one looks at the Scott Walker and his Republican cronies, "public financial management" includes losing track of tens of millions of dollars in loans.  And their definition of "private sector auditing" means things like Herr Environmental having two sets of books and neither of them correct.

Y'know, Walker often blamed his abysmal job creation stats on uncertainty.  I think we can possibly agree on this after all.  And I think we know from whence the uncertainty stems.

And the only way to ease those uncertainties would be to just get rid of the whole kit and caboodle.  


  1. Her last name doesn't throw a flag at all? I'll never trust anyone named Walker ever again.

    1. There are actually some good Walkers in the world.