Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Now This IS Ironic!

By Jeff Simpson 

On the same day that Scott Walker wrote this in a letter to the President:

The First Amendment gives Americans the ability to freely express their opinions regardless of their political beliefs. The actions of the IRS are an attempt to gag the voices of Americans who may disagree with the policies and left-leaning ideology of your administration. Quite frankly, this is un-American.

This is a subversion of American liberty and a secret but direct attack against the U.S. Constitution. Immediate action must be taken to ensure this never happens again. Here are two steps that should be taken:

1. Fire any and all employees responsible for this situation.
2. Appoint a Special Prosecutor now to find out if laws were broken and if anyone committed crimes.

This happened:

Jason Huberty was found guilty of violating a state administrative code for writing with chalk on a sidewalk on the grounds of the Wisconsin Capitol.
The six-person jury delivered the unanimous verdict after the one-day trial ended early afternoon Tuesday.
Dane County Judge Julie Genovese ordered Huberty, who regularly attends the Solidarity Sing-Along at the Capitol, to pay a $50 forfeiture and court costs.
The state Department of Justice has dismissed dozens of tickets issued for Capitol violations since Capitol Police Chief David Erwin took over in August 2012, and this is the first time the state has taken one of the cases to trial.
Huberty, who has been cited 21 times while protesting at the Capitol, was ticketed Nov. 16 for writing "OMG GOP WTF" on a sidewalk near the State Street side of the Capitol. Both Huberty, a Ph.D. student in geology at UW-Madison, and Andrew Wyatt of the Capitol Police department testified that Wyatt asked Huberty to stop and warned him that he would be cited if he continued to write on the sidewalk.
Huberty said that he asked Wyatt whether he was on a public sidewalk, but Wyatt said he wasn't going to debate the matter.

I kid you not!  Apparently washable sidewalk chalk is now more of a crime than cheating on your taxes.  Somewhere Al Capone is rolling in his grave!  

If that is the way it is then we must all abide by it.

 See Something, Say Something! 

If you have seen your neighbors, your neighbors kids, a local business, your own kids etc... playing with sidewalk chalk recently,  Please call the Capitol police NON emergency line (608)266-8797 and turn them in! Ask for Chief Erwin!

 Wisconsin is a state with laws and we will NOT tolerate dissent!  


  1. Radicals playing hopscotch must be stopped now. The worst part is they start young. By the time they hit 8 they think they can deface any sidewalk, playground or parking lot and get away with it. If Walker needs to divert money for new prisons to stop this menace, then so be it.

  2. Sounds like a good idea to fine this guy.Do we really need "what the fuck" on the sidewalk around our state Capital?

    1. Sure, why not, have a problem with expression? Exit north, south, or across one of the ponds please.

    2. Had he written that on the sidewalk, you might have a point. Since he didn't, you have no point.

  3. Yes, certain words (or, in this case, their initials) are a far greater problem in our society than leaving our fellows sick, poorly educated, in deep poverty, preserving a culture of rape, and denying freedoms to certain people based on how different they are than those in power.

  4. convicted by a 6 person jury in Dane County. Even they think this guy is in the wrong.

  5. The Judge practically ordered the jury to find him guilty. In situations where stupid laws infringe on individual rights and offend common decency, the jury should ignore judicial instructions. Most liberals go bat-shit crazy when I say it, but sometimes "jury nullification" is the best way to deal with bad laws. As free citizens we are under no obligation to facilitate our own oppression, no matter what the government functionary in the black robe says.