Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Groundhog's Day on the Left!

By Jeff Simpson

  • It is hard to sit back and watch someone you care about continue to keep screwing up!   You know that they need to change and they refuse.  They keep making the same mistake over and over and over and you try and stop it but you can't.   Despite the fact that all of the warning signs are there, and the right thing to do is obvious,  the people you care about keep making the same mistakes.  

"We all make mistakes, but if we keep making the same mistakes, it becomes a habit then a lifestyle." Unkown

Welcome to the 2013 Wisconsin Democratic party!

We know many democrats buckled and decided that throwing the poor under the bus was a great issue to campaign on in 2014

The Democratic party has a new 72 county strategy which appears to mean we want everyone in the state to know that we are the party of US TOO when it comes down screwing the poor,   858,000 Wisconsinites are expected to not be able to purchase Ketchup and Mustard but are expected to vote for the democrats! 

We can see their ineffectiveness by the way the republicans gained seats in the 2012 election despite wisconsinites turning out in force to support them.  We saw it in the failed candidate and message they conveyed in the recall election. 

We are now seeing it again in the approval ratings of Governor Scott Walker: 

  A Marquette university poll conducted about a week ago shows Scott Walker's job approval rating is at 51 percent. That’s up one point since a similar poll in March. Marquette pollster Charles Franklin says over the last year or so, the public's view of Scott Walker has been steady.
“You have a situation in which the governor has commanded something at or slightly above half support or approval, but [also] a pretty steady 44-45 percent disapproval rating. That’s also been quite steady.”
But slightly-above-50 job approval ratings for the governor doesn't mean most people like his entire record. Professor Franklin says his polling team also asked whether Wisconsin is ahead or behind other states in job creation.
“Only 9 percent thought we were creating them faster than other states. 35 percent the same and 49 percent — not quite half — said we were lagging behind. This comes in the wake of reports based on the census of labor that showed us ranked 44th, I believe, in the country in job creation. So there are certainly some real-world implications here.”
Franklin says Walker also remains well behind pace of his promise to create 250,000 jobs during his first term as governor.

While the democrats and politicians employ expensive pollsters, consultants etc... Let us read these tea leaves for free!  

Scott Walker has been a train wreck of a Governor and has done absolutely nothing for the state of Wisconsin.    We know he has been an Epic fail in his signature promise, and we do not see a future in him ever being successful.  However he beats nothing since we have no alternative!   

The Democratic Party(By Democratic party, I include the WI Dem party and all elected Democratic representatives), needs to get a candidate(s) out there so we can show the people of Wisconsin what an actual alternative looks like.  The Democratic party also needs to have a consistent message of ACTUALLY standing up for the people of Wisconsin.  Give the people a reason to vote for them instead of against the republicans.  Show Wisconsin that you are willing to fight for Wisconsin!  

Here are some suggestions:

1.   Draft and Introduce an Amendment to overturn our ridiculous anti gay marriage amendment that we passed a few years ago.   Are we willing to be the last state that allows equal rights to all despite the overwhelming public support?

2.   Draft and Introduce some jobs bills.  When the republicans block them( we know they have no idea how or interest in creating jobs), then we put a countdown clock somewhere in high visibility area that is the jobs countdown.   XXX many days since Scott Walker has been in office and a jobs bill has been passed.   

3.  Get all Democratic politicians, staff, candidates etc... to spend a day in the public schools.   Come back with stories when your fighting for local control and public education.   We all know that the people who most want to cut public education(Nass, Grothman, Pridemore, et al) have NOT been in a public school since they were 18.  They have no idea what actually happens there so immerse yourself in one of your locals and come back and educate them! 

4.  How about if "you want to keep the conversation going" about FoodShare why not try and live on what they have to live on a month with groceries using the SAME ruls that you just forced upon them? Or at least try it for a week! Americans overall are sick of the "do as I tell you not as I do' attitude of politicians.   See the actual real world consequences of your actions! 

You get the idea!

We get that the mainstream media is beholding to the right wing(anyone that employs Christian Schneider as a writer is not serious about the news, or reality),  The point is though, we get that.  You are not going to change that with random press releases from Peter Barca's office.   The media does not care what is truly happening in Wisconsin, the hard questions go unasked much less unanswered.  So instead of doing the same thing and hoping for different results lets do something different.  I do not care that the republicans will block every bill we put forth, do it anyway!   Give the media a story that they have to cover!   One that will turn heads and people will pay attention too. 

The republicans, in all of their ignorance, keep teeing up stories for us to hit out of the park and instead we act like Rickie Weeks in the batter box!   

There are hundreds of thousands of people in Wisconsin who will NOT be attending the Democratic convention, who do not know who Mike Tate is, and who have never heard of Peter Barca, but espouse the same ideals that the Democratic Party SHOULD stand for.   Let's give them a reason to show up at the polls and vote Democratic!  

This stuff is not rocket science and it doesn't take Velma to solve the mystery, although we could use some more input from those meddling kids!


  1. While shopping yesterday I noted the prices of cheese for one leading Wisconsin brand and it turned out the price was exactly the same for American, Colby, Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Swiss and Provolone, which just proves that the idiots who wrote the Foodshare law don't even know their way around a grocery store. And Barca voted for this, brilliant!

  2. I call that the Comfortable Minority