Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good News/ Bad News


By Jeff Simpson

Our friend Lisa @ Waukesha Wonk had a great piece talking about the grothmanization of Wisconsin republicans! Grothman is the far right wing nut from West Bend whose is never scared to put on display his blatant racism or ignorance!

But legislators like Grothman are no longer considered anomalies in Wisconsin politics; they’re now the norm. In fact, instead of focusing on Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! this legislative session, our GOP lawmakers are introducing bills to ban sex-selective abortions, grant legal rights for fetuses, determine proper disposal of fetal remains, and more.
That is THE BAD NEWS!   When people actually think Grothman brings more than pure entertainment to the table!  


Now the GOOD news.  As crazy, insignificant and anti -intellectual the republican party has gotten, Steve nASS is still considered fringe

 In a letter to media on Tuesday, Nass voiced disgust with an upcoming retirement party for Bettsey Barhorst, the college’s outgoing president, whom he accuses of squandering taxpayer dollars on unnecessary building projects.

The letter, laden with bitter sarcasm, mocked the fact that the $150-per-person party would celebrate Barhorst’s legacy by unveiling a new college welcome center named in her honor. Poking fun at the college’s invitation, which claims the welcome center will be a “symbol of her strong leadership,” Nass instead suggested that it will be a symbol of the hardship the college has inflicted on local property taxpayers, who approved a property tax increase in 2010 to fund a $134 million building expansion:

As for the University of Wisconsin, in addition to regularly scrutinizing its budget requests, Nass has also pushed for UW faculty to sign a pledge to, among other things, not make "anti-American" statements.

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