Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Darling Doubles Down On Dumbness And Dishonesty

A few days ago, I demonstrated to you, gentle reader, that State Senator Alberta
Darling (R-19th Hole of the nearest country club), was a voucher school drop out.

I did this by showing how she went on the Charlie Sykes show falsely claiming that the Green Bay School District's graduation was 40%, when in reality it was twice that.

So it caught my eye tonight when she sent an apology to Charlie Sykes' listeners, all nine of them.  With interest, I looked at what she had to say:
Senator Darling's office has asked me to post the following statement 
“The statistics I used on the Charlie Sykes Show on Wednesday regarding the graduation rates in Beloit were inaccurate and I apologize.  I remain committed to making sure every child in Wisconsin has the opportunity for a great education.”
Talk about double the dumb, double the dishonesty.

She totally blows off Green Bay and the error she made with that district.

To make matters worse, she also tries to gloss over the fact that she is trying to ram through voucher schools even though they have been shown to be utter flops time and time again.

I think I overestimated Darling when I called her a voucher school drop out.  She's more likely a preschool drop out.


  1. Republicans have found that the first impression is what sticks the most. Doesn't matter if it's a lie and you recant later, it's still stuck in the feeble minds of their followers, and that's what matters most. Marketing at it's finest.

  2. Senator Daniels looks a lot like the former tea party mayor of Troy Michigan imo.



  3. Unfortunately Sykes has more than 9 fans and this is why WTMJ continues to whore themselves out to this goon. Can't wait for the day when this station pulls up it's pants and walks this evil lying scumbag to the curb.

  4. Target the Sykes show advertisers with protests and boycotts. It works every time!