Friday, May 10, 2013

What State Does Adam Live In?

By Jeff Simpson

This from bit player, republican gopher and window washer Adam Neylon had this to say recently:
  “Republicans in Wisconsin are committed to improving our overall business climate and creating more opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive,” said State Representative Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee), a small business owner and President of a commercial window cleaning company in Waukesha.  “We want to make Wisconsin the best place in the world to work, live and raise a family.”
The question is what state does Adam live in?  Does he ever read a paper?   In Wisconsin, we are 44th/50th in jobs, top ten in people fleeing the state, and normally friendly InBusiness Magazine and the US Chamber of Commerce have given up on  Scott Walker.

Success is not the word most of us would use. 

By the way, what is newcomer Adam's top priority?
Neylon was elected to the state Assembly in April. He has made economic development and small business growth a major focus in his first term in office.
Ouch,  Massive Fail!

Hey Adam,  Pat needs her office vacuumed!



  1. Did Neylon lambast Scott Walker when he rejected high speed rail? Pewaukee would have enjoyed quality public transportation to Madison or Milwaukee. Jobs would have been created in Pewaukee for rail construction along with long-term jobs in restaurants and shops serving the train station that would have been in Pewaukee. Instead the rail line and all the jobs it would have brought went to Illinois.

  2. Does he wash those windows with his tongue?

  3. How does that 44th number compare to where we were under dim joyle?

    1. Under Doyle, the state was eleventh in job creation.

  4. So comparing Wisconsin to 49 other states while unemployment has risen to record levels tells the story? Let's compare apples to apples for a change.

    From the liberal bias pen of Politi-Fact in Dec. 2011.

    Under Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle in 2009 -- when the state suffered a net loss of 121,000 jobs.

    Let’s review Walker’s record on jobs during his first 10 months in office.

    As we've reported on the Walk-O-Meter, the state has added a net 20,100 private-sector jobs in 2011 through October. (The November numbers are due out Dec. 15). But as noted, public-sector jobs have dropped under Walker, so let’s get the full picture.

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