Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ohio Republicans Want To Install Poll Tax On College Students

Sent in from one of my tweeps is this bit of outrage:
Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives have included an amendment in the state budget, now under consideration in the State Senate, that would make students eligible for in-state tuition rates if universities continue to provide them with documents that allow them to register to vote in Ohio. Supporters of the proposal say it seeks to streamline the varied standards for tuition and voting. But critics say the provision is designed to penalize universities that make it easier for students to vote, since students traditionally vote disproportionately for Democratic candidates. A group that opposes the amendment said the proposal would cost the state’s public universities millions of dollars in tuition revenue.
This is a poll tax as much as any Jim Crow law.  Voting and registrations costs are two separate items and there is no rational reason for them to be tied together except to try to control the way people vote.

If the Republican agenda is so gosh darn good, why are they continuously trying to rig the game and punish people who don't kowtow to them?  The other question is how long before they try to do that here?  We already have people like Chris Abele, Joe Sanfelippo and the other Teapublicans and LefTeas throwing up resistance to allowing people to have any voice at all.

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