Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cog Dis: Now A Featured Blog on

Mike Schramm, the editor of, decided to update their featured blogs and the way they are presented:

First off, thanks for reading

I just wanted to post a quick explanation of recent changes to the featured blog listing on the front page because it appears they've caused a little confusion.

This week we added about a dozen additional blogs to the list, but that means there's not room to show all the blogs on the front page at once.

Instead, the front page shows the 10 most recent posts from those blogs. This system allows us to feature more blogs, while also ensuring that we get fresher content on the front page.

If you want to see the full list of featured blogs, it now appears at the top of the blog index page:

Please email me at if you ever have any questions or concerns about the site.

Thanks for your interest in the site.

Mike Schramm editor
I am very proud to announce that Cognitive Dissidence is now one of the featured blogs on  I thank Mr. Schramm for including us.

We are featured with other great lefty blogs like Lisa Muxworthy's Waukesha Wonk, Cory Liebmann's Eye on Wisconsin, the venerable James Rowen and The Political Environment, the gang at Fighting Bob and The Progressive.

I do note that we liberals are rather outnumbered in that list, which I find rather unfair.  Schramm should put more conservatives on their to make the fight more balanced.

Sadly, it looks like Schramm's hard work is already obsolete.

Conservative blarghers Cindy Kilkenny has hung up her keyboard again (for the fourth or fifth time) and Owen Robinson of Loots and Slobbers has also fled the field of battle.  Good luck to both of them and may they find peace in their underground bunkers with their tinfoil helmets.

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