Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CLXXX

Oconomowoc, which is in the middle of the reddest part of the state, are now getting to enjoy the rotten fruits of their support for Scott Walker:
The Pabst Farms development, once envisioned as a Midwestern upscale retail jewel destination in Oconomowoc, will soon be the home of a 151,000-square-foot Walmart Supercenter store and a 136,000-square-foot Sam’s Club store.

Walmart and Pabst Farms Development Inc. announced their plans for the two stores today.

The stores are planned to be built northeast of Interstate 94 and Highway 67 in the Pabst Farms Town Centre area of the development.

Prior to the Great Recession, Pabst Farms developer Peter Bell planned to create an upscale regional mall in the Pabst Farms Town Centre. However, that project has not moved forward, and attempts by Pabst Farms to attract upscale national retail tenants have been unsuccessful so far.

The Walmart Supercenter and the Sam’s Club stores would be the first significant development at Pabst Farms in several years.
I cannot help but laugh at this whole situation. They made such a fuss in using taxpayer dollars to build up the area, including specially installed ramps to and from the highway. And now all they got to show for it is a Wally World and Sam's Club.

It should be interesting when it comes time to hire those supposed 400 people. I cannot imagine the people in the area want to work under Wally World conditions and I don't think they are going to like the "riff raff" that these stores draw.

The saddest part is that they cannot figure out that they did it to themselves.


  1. Why no Dollar Tree or Dollar General? Wally World is too rich for some people's blood.

  2. And don't forget the Little Cesar's Pizza!

  3. A Chuck E Cheese, too! What's a kid's birthday party without beer and a brawl? Get on your PJs , Ma, we're going to WalMart! Classy!

  4. Sorry, NateLS... There's already an Aldi's up the street frim Pabst Farms a couple of miles up on the west... Right by the KwikTrip, KMart and Goodwill...WallyWorld will be in familiar territory, but I DO hate to see it happen...

  5. Little Caeser left town a year ago. (Seriously. They did.) There is an Aldi in Oconomowoc already. A KMart, too. They're actually next to each other. This is silly. There's a Walmart Superdedooper whatever 5 miles east in Delafield, and another one 13 miles west in Watertown. What a disaster Pabst farms is turning out to be.

  6. I remember when the development started. When that fancy-dancy sign went up I thought it was going to be an upscale residential development. I've been gone quite a while, it seems.

  7. Class action lawsuits over gender bias, unpaid overtime, environmental lawsuits, bribery, appalling working conditions in their global factories. How on earth can these be the right stores for the community.

    1. Actually Id say the fit the community quite well. Remember Herr Environmental literally pouring sh*t out into the fields in that area?