Sunday, June 2, 2013

1,500,000 Wisconsinites

By Jeff Simpson

In the latest debate going on where the republicans are in closed door meetings deciding how many of our public education dollars they will be giving to private for profit education, one thing is missing from the talks - a single democrat.  

While one thing (a single democrat) was noticeably absent from these closed door discussions, one thing was conspicuously in attendance(no not real media coverage, no one expects that),  Private Education Profiteer LobbyisJohn Gard!  

Seriously, not a single democrat is in the room and the for profit well paid lobbyists are!  

For those of you scoring at home, in the 2012 elections

Democrats received the votes of 1,500,000 Wisconsinites.  

John Gard received 0.0

In other words anyone who voted anywhere in the state for a democrat is being completely shut out of the debate while John Gard gets to sit in and decide how many of OUR PUBLIC EDUCATION TAX DOLLARS, get funneled away from our children and into his and his clients pocket!

The Wisconsin republicans are not, just far right extremists, they are zealots

There is a reason that the Wisconsin is rated 49/50 for the next 6 months economic outlook

H/T Rebecca Kemble for this picture of former Republican Assembly leader praying they can steal all of our childrens public education money before anyone notices!   

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