Sunday, June 16, 2013

It matters that she is a Democrat

I don't normally publish fundraising emails - especially for groups that I work for - but the points in this email from Emerge Wisconsin were too important to pass up:
Of course it matters that we increase the number of women in office.  It matters more that we increase the number of Democratic women in office.  This is why Emerge Wisconsin only trains Democratic women.

This week, the State Senate and Assembly took up several bills that continued the direct assault on women's basic rights.  It was brought up by a female Democratic Senator that there were only 9 women in the State Senate.  There is the assumption that if there were more women in the Senate, then we wouldn't even have these anti-women bills to debate.

Yes, it makes a difference in legislation when we have more women serving in an elected body of government; however, the lead authors and champions of one of these anti-women bills areRepublican WOMEN!  This week is not the first time Republican women have led the attack on women's rights.  In the 2010-2012 legislative session, it was a Republican woman who led the effort in the State Assembly to repeal the Equal Pay Act.

With the help of supporters like you, Emerge Wisconsin has eight alumnae serving in the State Legislature.  We need your help to continue to increase the number of Emerge Alumnae and Democratic women serving Wisconsin citizens.  Please donate $9 or more today so we can continue our work of training Democratic women to run for office.

We are proud of our alumnae working hard for Wisconsin in the Senate and Assembly.  Your $9 or more today will help us train the Democratic women who will join Senator Nikiya Harris '11 and Representatives Penny Bernard Schaber '07, Jill Billings '11, Dianne Hesselbein '09, La Tonya Johnson '12, Melissa Sargent '12, Mandy Wright '12 and JoCasta Zamarripa '10.

Our goal is to increase the number of women running for and winning elected office, but it matters that she is a Democrat.


Wendy Strout

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