Wednesday, June 19, 2013

nASS Wars - Episode 1 -The Phantom Menace

By Jeff Simpson

Synopsis:  One of the many neophytes in the legislature, Steve nASS, is at it again.   This time though he teams up with extreme right wing funded (anti) free market "think"(term used loosely) tank - McGyver Institute to fight a common enemy- the working people of Wisconsin!  

There was recently a summit held downtown Madison called Fighting Forward- A Labor and World Class Summit! It was a series of seminars about the Labor movement, not only in Wisconsin but country wide.  they focused on the history of the labor movement and where do we go from here. 

You would think that a state that has fallen to the bottom 5 in job growth and most all other economic indicators, that 1.  the legislators would be too busy trying to turn our state around than to worry about a few hundred people discussing labor and 2.  they would welcome any and all input on how to do it!  

You would be wrong! 

Steve nASS and Brett Healy said "Wonder twin powers activate

Steve nASS followed up with "form of an angry old uninformed" dinosaur:

 Representative Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) chastised UW-Madison on Thursday for their sponsorship of the Fighting Forward Conference, calling the event "higher education prioritizing liberal indoctrination of students instead of the concept of educational sifting and winnowing."

Then, wonder twin Brett Healy said " form of Judith Miller"!  

 Mcgyver spent all weekend trying to get outrage going on the FALSE premise that taxpayers were paying big money for this summit(in fact ZERO  tax dollars were used)!  

The MacIver Institute began investigating Fighting Forward after learning that multiple UW System departments were co-sponsoring the event and that many UW professors would be leading certain workshops.
Some of the UW organizations that are co-sponsors include the Havens Center, the UW-Madison Community and Environmental Sociology Department, and the UW-Madison Gender and Women's Studies Program.
Both the Community and Environmental Sociology Department and Gender and Women's Studies Program denied any direct funding for the event. They both claimed that their sponsorship only entailed verbal endorsement of the conference, which includes a link on a university-run website.

Realizing their lies on taxpayer dollars were going no where, they had a hard hitting update where they pulled the most outrageous quotes from the weekend's summit(such as this):

 Bob Peterson, President of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association, compares the expansion of school choice to opposing civil rights in the 1960's.

 "Public schools have huge problems. A lot of them are based on the fact that the schools are in communities which have suffered years of depression-like conditions," Peterson said. "When children come from families that are beleaguered, families that are struggling, obviously it makes my job as a teacher much more difficult."
 The horror!  

Stay Tuned for Steve nASS starring in nASS Wars - Episode 2 - The Clone Wars - where a bunch of bought and paid for republican legislators take on the big bad public schools! 


  1. I was wondering how long it would take Nass to start frothing with fake outrage over this. He probably just needed to get the proper quantity of booze in gut first