Friday, June 14, 2013

Rep. Mandy Wright on SB206!

By Jeff Simpson

No extra words here, Rep. Mandy Wright says it all, just - Thank you for your courage!

H/T Rebecca Kemble:


  1. Republicans surprised everyone ramming through the invasive ultrasound legislation without warning because they did not want public debate. Republicans feared the true stories that demand abortion remain safe and legal. Rep. Mandy Wright and Heather’s story told a couple of days ago are examples of these real life stories. I salute the many women standing up to tell their painful testimony that reminds us all why this odious legislation must be stopped, or motivate political actions to elect new representatives to reverse the legislation in 2015.

    1. Eversince the Republicans have attained power they operate in this manner. I applaud Mandy for standing up and telling her story. It is time, for people to stand up against the Republican power.

  2. Well done Ms. Wright. I can personally relate to every part of your story and can't imagine standing in such a public position and sharing as you did. Thank you. We MUST moderate and bring people together for the protection of our future. Our state and country are divided in so many ways. Thank you for being one voice of moderation.