Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Nomination For The Margaret Thatcher Award

Three weeks ago, we informed the gentle reader of White Wisconsin's plan to reward some conservative woman for being Fitzwalkerstan's Margaret Thatcher.

I had suggested that the nomination should go to Justice Diane Sykes, who went on to have a successful career after Charlie Sykes, her former husband, had been caught cheating on him with his current wife.

However, we find that there is another woman who is just as, if not even more, qualified to received the first Margaret Thatcher Award.

That woman would be blogger and writer for Milwaukee Drum, Wonder Woman!

After all, she does have some important qualities that make her a qualified candidate:

  1. She is a conservative.
  2. She is a woman.
  3. She has done work for the community through the The Umoja Project
Perhaps the most persuasive reason is that she is black.  And iron is black.  Margaret Thatcher is the Iron Lady.  Thus, Wonder Woman = Margaret Thatcher.

Another good reason for them to select WW would be the simple fact that it could be the first step for Sykes and his lapdog, Brian Fraley, to atone for their racism and misogyny, not to mention the bigoted game they are playing it when it comes to submissions to White Wisconsin from black writers.

Of course, WW has some strikes against her, in the eyes of Sykes, et alia:
  1. She is a true conservative.
  2. She is a woman.
  3. She is black.
  4. She is intelligent.
  5. She can out write Sykes and Fraley combined.
The more one thinks about this, the more one realizes that WW should really win.  If she doesn't, it's because she doesn't meet one of their biggest requirements - being the white kind of right.

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  1. If I was a divisive Black Conservative like her then I'd bother to vote for her, but since I view the problems of the Black, Brown, and White community as being all of our problems I can't in good conscience support this woman. No matter how strong her personality is or how much Sykes would eat craw if she won. After reading her blog and the stink of hypocrisy that bled from its' pages was evident I am more disgusted than impressed. Let's divide people further and perpetuate stereotypes of the radical "Black Panther" types being just as racist as the Limbaughs of the world.