Saturday, June 1, 2013

Chairwoman Dimitrijevic's Statement Regarding Usurpation Of Milwaukee County

The following is the statement from Milwaukee County Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic regarding the plutocratic usurpation of Milwaukee County:
The bill signing is taking place in Milwaukee County when the state legislative committees that heard this bill – which targets Milwaukee County – never held a single public hearing here. The County Board, on the other hand, held local listening sessions all over the county where a clear message was heard that residents preferred local reforms over state-mandated change. The County Executive chose to ignore the residents of our county who preferred local reforms. Instead, he worked closely with outside interests to give himself more power. There will be many challenges in the implementation of this poorly written bill as a result of the state micro-managing a local government with no local input. Many counties across the state opposed the bill.

We all know what happened here. This is an attack on the legislative branch of the most diverse county in the State of Wisconsin. The bill aims to destroy the legislative branch and attempts to reduce the power of the people. AB 85 consolidates power into one person’s hands, the County Executive. This consolidation of power is dangerous and undemocratic because it reduces the checks and balances in government.

This is not about the County Executive or me. It is about the people of Milwaukee County. Generations to come will be affected by this bill. The County Board will do its best with what has been forced onto us by the state to represent the people on important services like transit, parks and mental health. We will stand up and protect the interests of Milwaukee County.
This will be bad - far worse than anything Walker did during his eight years as county executive. And we will be here to make sure that the people are aware of it, since the corporate media won't report it.

On a side note, I wish we had seen this Marina during the fight leading up to the usurpation.

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