Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kicked Off Badger Care

The folks at gothealthcarewi.com found some outrageous information last week that Scott Walker released while all eyes were trained on the state legislature passing that God-awful budget.

The found - and shared - the numbers of people kicked off or denied Badger Care for no reason other than Teapublican greed, otherwise know as austerity.

And as horrifying as those numbers are, there's more.  There's always more:
Another part that the Walker Administration tried to sneak passed is the fact that the number of people kicked off of BadgerCare that was revealed last week is 10,000 more people than they originally declared it would be! Do they think we wouldn't notice? Or does the Walker administration believe it can play fast and loose with the facts when it pertains to people's lives? Altogether, this decision to reject federal funds for BadgerCare and force people off has consequences across the state. The only solace is that this decision can be overturned at any time, we can reach out and accept these federal dollars for BadgerCare and we must keep fighting to do so.
They also point out that this does not include the people that are going to lose their coverage due to WalkerCare and the refusal of federal funding.

I would also point out that the numbers might be even worse than reported here.

Remember that the nepotism-plagued DHS office in Milwaukee County has been caught repeatedly wrongfully denying people food stamps.  Do you think for one second that they weren't doing the same for Badger Care?  And do you think that Milwaukee County is the only one in the state where this was happening?

I wonder which will come first - enough people hitting rock bottom that we'll be finally able to start reclaiming our state or we hit the saturation point and the state cannot be corrupted any more.


  1. WTF!! Remember the recall election where the people of Wisconsin voted to keep the SOB in Office?

    1. I sure voted the fruit loop out and I believe the majority did, but with a crooked count he stayed!

    2. Yep, once again the exit polls, long considered as the gold benchmark of election integrity, didn't match the official tally. How many times do these discrepancies, which always seem to favor the Republican candidate, have to happen before the voters wise up?

  2. you have to wonder how many women actually considered defending this d-bag during the recall, even when he has made it perfectly clear through his actions that his administration values women less than men.

  3. i sure wish someone would look into the W2 program that is now contracted to workforce connections instead of through the economic support folks at the county level. they have no regular office hours, don't know the program and try to find ways to deny. if they would leave it at the county level kids would be able to go home more often. seriously, they don't serve the people

  4. Our state has been beat down, and the people will feel the hurt. One thing I have noticed many of those local cars boasting the sticker standing with walker, have removed them. Talking to some of those people now, they realize the crazy laws that they were being warned of, IS TRUE!

    They are not happy with what is going on, at all.

  5. That's 10,000 more votes against Walker next time around.

  6. I sure hope so because they are blind to his numbers game.

  7. Why is it then that Walker can have health care coverage for himself and his family because he is considered a state employee?????? WTF?????

    Also, don't know for sure, but does this coverage cover him and his family for life or even after his term is up????? WTF!!!! He should be made to pay for his own health care and his family's too!!!! What is good for the goose is good for the gander!!!!

    All these public officials, should not have health care for the rest of there lives, and not be paid a salary or whatever after they get out of office, and they should not be allowed to stay in office after the two year term thing or whatever the office is voted in for.


  8. I was hot that the majority of Wisconsinites took a sympathy vote to not recall Scott Walker. Be careful for what you ask for! You just might get it. What sympathy does the GOP and Scott have for your familes and friends health, cost to Wisconsin Taxpayers later for not accepting AHC, or non-emergency visits that the uninsured have to rely on community Hospitals for treatment. How's that for sympathy folks!