Monday, June 24, 2013

THIS is a MAJOR Problem

By Jeff Simpson

I have always felt that politicians and public servants should be given double the penalty of any crime,since they are the ones who set examples for the general public.  Unfortunately, because it is up to politicians to set the punishment, they end up getting off with apologies for serious crimes.  Thus they continue to repeat said serious crimes with no consequences(except of course the death of good government and end of  ethical politicians).

Now we have another problem starting to sprout up that needs to be taken care of immediately.   The private market is one that is done unofficially and off the books,  It is one that helps move minor products: car, guitar, Wii, house, etc...  It helps free up money from one or both parties to then purchase other goods.   It has sprung up such immensely popular websites as Ebay and Craigslist.  It is an essential part of our national economy, and it is under attack!  

This from Milwaukee:

We do not want to see an already WMC depressed economy in WI shut down even further by people being scared to sell goods they no longer need!

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