Friday, June 7, 2013

Our Nomination For The Margaret Thatcher Award

Jealous of the smashing success of Emerge Wisconsin*, who just honored U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin as  their Woman of the Year, Charlie Sykes and the other fools at White Wisconsin have decided to hold their own fund raiser dinner to honor a conservative woman.  Keeping with their traditional looking backwards and revising history, they have chosen to call their award the Margaret Thatcher Award**:
To be presented at black tie dinner in October. is proud to announce the first annual Margaret Thatcher Award to honor the contributions, courage and leadership of Wisconsin’s Iron Ladies.

The award, named after the late British Prime Minister, will be presented at the Right Women Awards Dinner, a formal black tie event that will be held on Friday, October 18 at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.

The Honorary Chair of the Dinner is Wisconsin First Lady Tonette Walker.

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch will chair the award selections committee, which features a cross-section of prominent conservative women.

The committee will solicit and review nominations for the Margaret Thatcher Award as well as three other awards recognizing exceptional achievement among conservative women in Wisconsin politics.

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch will also emcee the program of the Right Women Dinner, along with 620 WTMJ host Charlie Sykes. Sykes also is editor-in-chief of RightWisconsin. A keynote speaker will be announced at a later date.

The dinner will celebrate trailblazers, innovators and champions of freedom among conservative women in Wisconsin politics.

"Margaret Thatcher is a matchless example of a conservative woman: strong and principled, frugal and virtuous and I am honored to lead the selection committee to choose the inaugural award winners. Wisconsin has a unique, bright and growing number of conservative women whose efforts and ideas will be recognized through the 'Right Women Awards,’" Lt. Governor Kleefisch said.
Well, in the interest of bipartisanship, we at Cog Dis would like to make a recommendation for their award.

The woman we wish to nominate is a true conservative, successful woman. She has been a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She has also had a stellar career as a judge, serving as a State Supreme Court Justice and is currently a Federal Justice.  As for her credentials as a conservative, our nominee is also a member of the Federalist Society.

Ladies and gentlemen, our nominee for the first ever recipient of the Margaret Thatcher Award is none other than Diane Sykes.

Diane Sykes
However, things could get a little awkward, with Diane Sykes being Charlie Sykes' second wife, the one he cheated on with Liz Woodhouse, aka Janet Reardon, aka Mrs. Sykes III.  I bet the night could be rich for fireworks.

And frankly, if Justice Sykes doesn't win, the contest has to be obviously rigged and phony as Charlie Sykes' hair.

*Full disclosure - I work for Emerge Wisconsin and I am damn proud of it.

**I wonder if they got permission from Thatcher's estate to use her name and likeness.


  1. What woman in her right mind would want to be compared to Margaret Thatcher????

  2. Apparently Elena Ceaușescu, Indira Gandhi were already taken.

    Although I hear that the Imelda Marcos award was a very close runner up.

  3. "The Right Women" Dinner?
    How about the "Wrong Women" Dinner? Invite Syke's ex-wives, Vos's ex-wives and the ex-wives of those other Republican conservative Christians. They'll need a big room.

  4. An article in the most recent 'London Review of Books', analyzing Thatcher's career, pointed out that her first big controversial move was to take away free milk from school children. What a sweet lady! How revealing it is of Wisconsin Republicans that they hold her out as a hero to be emulated. What's next, an award in honor of Thatcher's personal friend and favorite dictator, Augusto Pinochet?

  5. I was amused by Sykes' "Iron Ladies" reference. What woman wouldn't want to be considered an Iron Lady?

    I'm starting to think we should have our own Wrong Women dinner -- it'd be more interesting.

  6. How about nominating Leah Crazy Bitch Vukmir, an iron-deficient lady?

  7. Upon further reflection, the Thatcher Award is perfect for Wisconsin Republicans, as Thatcher's policies led to economic devastation in northern England, Wales and a large part of Scotland. Her "free trade" policies also accelerated the decline of British manufacturing. The only thing that saved Britain from complete ruination was North Sea oil royalties, which she pissed-away on tax breaks for the rich, while selling off public assets to cronies at knock-down prices, leaving a nation with a 30% poverty rate.

    Neo-Thatcherism is working already in Wisconsin, we're number 49! But it will get a lot worse.

  8. Thatcher was a whimp, give me Golda Meier.