Friday, June 7, 2013

Walker Takes Pyrrhic Victory Ride

One year ago this past Wednesday was the fateful recall election of Scott Walker.

Unfortunately, the billionaires, millionaires and corporate special interests were
able to buy the election for their figurehead, opening the door to more malfeasance and abuse of power.

Walker and company have been making the most of the situation, including a anniversary party and no less than two fundraising email blasts.

One of the emails was so kind as to remind us that the corporate media waited all the way to 8:49 p.m. to call the race for Walker, even though there were Milwaukeeans still standing in line waiting to vote.   Tom Barrett couldn't trot out fast enough to concede the election, as if he really didn't want to win it anyway.

But one has to wonder, just exactly what are Walker and his supporters are celebrating.

Walker said that when he won the recall, there would be no uncertainty and that the job creation would go through the roof.   Yet, in reality, Walker can claim only 62,000 jobs in the entire time he's been in office, and half of those came during the first six months when Governor Jim Doyle's budget and policies were still in effect.

Also under Walker's watch, Wisconsin dropped from 11th in job creation to 44th.  Someone really needs to get it through his bald spot that he's not doing this right at all.

Walker also likes to brag about getting a middling ranking in a survey of CEO's.  Funny thing is, you never see a survey of working class people.  I wonder why that would be.

Anyway, while Walker tries to brag about that, the fact is that Wisconsin is 49th in the county for economic activity, which has been an ongoing trend for him.

His other bragging points for the past year include:

  • Allowing companies to ruin the environment;
  • Cutting tens of thousands of people off of Badger Care and while gouging taxpayers;
  • A quasi-private/public economic development body that has lost hundreds of millions of dollars and spent what they could find on iPads and gift cards;
  • Further attacking women's rights;
  • Further attacking veterans' rights;
  • Raising taxes, especially on the poor and working classes;
  • Further attacking workers' rights;
  • Forcing taxpayers to support two school systems - one of which doesn't work and the other is public;
  • Increase big government while decreasing representative government (in Milwaukee County, but sure to spread soon!)
But perhaps Walker's greatest feat in the last year was to raise enough money - nearly a million dollars - to buy his way out of accountability for his illegal campaigning.  

So what are the Walker supporters and apologists celebrating?  The higher taxes?  The corruption?  The decreased services?  Maybe they are looking forward to the deaths that will stem from his sinister policies?

I suppose, for the right wingers, it doesn't matter why they're celebrating, as long as they keep serving the Kool Ade.  


  1. I'm personally looking forward to the results of the FBI's investigation of the illegal weapons trade within Van Hollen's state DOJ and the Republican crony network. Stolen military weapons? What's not to like? You just know these nut cases couldn't keep their hands off a sweet gun deal.

  2. It's not an earnest celebration. They need to craft a public memory of this fight that turns a remarkably peaceful, broad-based revolt of historic size into a fictitious violent hippie-dominated tantrum. Such a big lie needs to be repeated at every opportunity.

  3. His big party in Walkersa seemed rather facid.