Sunday, June 2, 2013

Constituents to denounce Sen. Darling plan to pay hospitals, but cut parents from BadgerCare at Monday press conference

Hot off the press release machine:
WHITEFISH BAY -- On Monday, activists, local elected officials and constituents will call out Sen. Alberta Darling, co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee, for her failure to protect low-income working parents in the struggle around the future of BadgerCare, the state’s health care program for the disadvantaged. The Joint Finance Committee is in the final stages of overhauling Gov. Walker’s proposed budget and is scheduled to vote on the BadgerCare provision on Tuesday. 
The press conference is scheduled for 11 am at Aurora Advanced Healthcare, 325 E. Silver Spring Drive. 
The controversy centers on whether Wisconsin should accept federal funding to expand the BadgerCare program so it can cover health care costs for all low income people. Many state legislators including Republican Sens. Terry Moulton, Luther Olsen, and Dale Schultz have opposed the Governor’s plan to reject the money and cut the health insurance program since it will reduce coverage and cost the state $120 million. 
“As her constituent, I’m troubled by her priorities,” said Gina Palazzari, Menomonee Falls, who plans to attend. “We’re facing huge economic challenges yet she is willing to refuse billions of federal dollars and add even more to our tax bills while leaving tens of thousands of people without healthcare.” 
On April 28, Sen. Darling said the state should take the federal money for at least a year so everyone would be covered. On May 28, she reversed her position, calling on the Joint Finance Committee not only to refuse the federal funding but to add more money to the budget to pay hospitals for the cost of care for patients lacking health insurance – the very people who would have healthcare if the state accepted the federal money available. 
WHEN: 11 a.m., Monday, June 3

WHERE: Aurora Advanced Healthcare, 325 E. Silver Spring Drive, Whitefish Bay

WHO: Terry O’Kelly, Milwaukee resident Theresa Torres, Milwaukee resident, Gina Palazzari, Menomonee Falls resident, Rep. Mandela Barnes, County Supervisor Peggy Romo West


  1. Stupid flip flopping hag

  2. The Party of Stupid is well named.

  3. I just cringe at the state of health care in WI, once considered first class now considered third rate. Thanks Walker.