Tuesday, June 25, 2013

THIS is What Democracy Looks Like!


By Jeff Simpson

There have been a bunch of neanderthal anti women bills rushed through the Texas Legislature recently that would make Andre Jacque proud.  

Texas Democratic Senator Wendy Davis has had enough and is filibustering this ridiculous extremist Anti- abortion bill. 

Watch it here live

Call this amazing woman and voice your support - (512) 463-0110 

Tell Ms. Davis your story here

Tweet her your support #standwithwendy @wendydavistexas

And call your local rep and tell them that THIS is what a true representative looks like and that you would support this kind of courage coming from OUR own legislature!  

*this is the line to get into the Senate Gallery....winds around four floors.  Wendy Davis is NOT alone.  Its time to change our politicians all over the country!  


  1. She is a real fighter!!

  2. Recap - the valiant effort to filibuster was aborted by GOP leggies in the closing minutes, but the vote was held up by parliamentary inquiries during the waning session so that the roll call vote occurred too late