Saturday, June 1, 2013

Supervisor Haas' Comments On Usurpation Bill

The press release from Milwaukee County Supervisor Jason Haas, Chair of the Intergovernmental Committee regarding the plutocrats' hostile takeover of Milwaukee County:
This law was created without substantial input from the citizens of Milwaukee County who most rely upon county services or use county amenities. Instead, this bill was designed to do the bidding of a very small number of people whose means are far beyond that of most people in Milwaukee County. This legislation removes the necessary oversight of democratically-elected representatives that are vital to a healthy democracy. The law’s authors and supporters have long dreamed of having monarchical rule over public assets. Much of that will be achieved with the signing today.

The list of things that can be done in secret and without any oversight may include putting cell phone towers on the lakefront, selling off county park lands, and privatizing the airport.

Yet the people of Milwaukee County will never be allowed to vote on arguably the most dangerous part of this law that gives the county executive unbridled fiscal powers. Anyone who claims it to be ‘local control’ or ‘reform’ is playing cynical, vindictive politics. This law was written for powerful, unaccountable corporate interests by lobbyists who worked behind closed doors in Madison. In no way should it be considered the will of the people, for the people will not be allowed to vote on 99 percent of what is in the bill.

If the County Executive and the Greater Milwaukee Committee had spent as much money on paid lobbyists to help find a funding solution for transit, we might be in a better place right now. Instead they are more interested in destroying checks and balances and selling off public assets as quickly and cheaply as possible. With the passage of this legislation, there’s no one to put any water on their fire sale of Milwaukee County’s (previously) public assets.

This bill is irresponsible governance at its worst.
There's not one false or exaggerated word in there, either.

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  1. Deep, deep gratitude to Supervisor Haas.