Monday, June 3, 2013

Mission Accomplished!

By Jeff Simpson

Right Wing blog, Boots & Sabers say they are closing up shop.   Its interesting that they are choosing this time to call it a day, since their "motto" is " the blogging will continue until morale improves..".

It appears that the morale has improved.

Of course realizing that B&S was originated in the West Bend area, it all makes sense. 

Only from someone who thinks Glenn Grothman actually represents anyone, then you would find "improved morale" in the fact that Wisconsin is ranked in the bottom five states in both lack of jobs and lowering wages.   To top this one off, there is no chance of us improving.  

That kind of news would play well in West Bend, then you top that off with FINALLY having a black friend, and you can see why they would want to take some time and enjoy their "success"!

 The thing to worry about though is if BootsandKittens will also be leaving us! 


  1. I hope you and Capper like the way I worked the phrase "cognitive dissonance" into the final post.

  2. Of course. Loved the i cant quit you line also!

  3. Too many gay babies getting married.

  4. Interesting. Fairly Conservative said good-bye as well last time I checked.

  5. So why did Owen call it quits. Did he run out of anything to say? Did he realize that he not converting the heathen liberal? Did he get a new day job and the new boss did not want him blogging? Maybe he realized that while blogging is fun, time spent with the family, especially a family with young children, is more important. Wile almost never agreeing with him, I wish Owen the best of luck.